I Thought I Wanted a TV Show

Lots of people told me my career would never advance if I didn't move to DC or NYC. But I think I'll pass.

Here's the TV show pitch: Most news oriented programming is failing to capture the demographic of the 30-40 something…

I know, it sounds a bit crazy and perhaps a bit unfocused. But I run into parents all the time who just seem overwhelmed with how to navigate their kids through the 21st century without losing them to worldliness and I keep encountering parents who wish there was a more explicitly Christian focus on the daily news without resorting to the moral majority nonsense we see corrupting the GOP these days. No one in the media seems to share their world view and definitions of right and wrong. I spend time on my radio program talking about these topics because I get asked about them so much and that was one of the reasons I decided to go back to seminary.