I Think the President Would Be More Popular If He Tweeted Less

If he tweeted with a ​greater focus on his wins and less on his grievances, the media would have less ability to distrac

I hear now from more and more Trump supporters on this point and I completely share it. It is not just Trump haters who want the President to get off Twitter, but a growing number of Trump supporters. I think and so do they that the President's popularity would go up.

Right now, the media is advancing a story that the President is out of his depth, unstable, and mentally unfit to be President. Many of his tweets amount to a verbal diarrhea of real time thinking that play into those media concerns. The President is able to advance a message on Twitter by bypassing the press, but by tweeting so much it gives the media a scattershot of moods and mindsets to cling to. The President undermines himself by tweeting so much.

I think if he took a more targeted approach to Twitter, instead of doing it like everyone else does, his tweets would have more impact on advancing his agenda and increasing his polling. If he focused on public policy instead of grievances, etc. it would force the press to focus on those things instead of allowing themselves to be distracted from the President's growing win list.

But you can't teach an old dog new tricks and I have no doubt his most rabid supporters will continue to encourage his complete engagement to his detriment. The President's enablers will be the ones who do him in, not the press.

This is well-honed distraction technique. After two years, you should clearly recognize it, Erick. He creates a narrative that the MSM is "required" to cover, but is going about his business of transformation without undo, adversarial scrutiny. "Look! Squirrel!" comes to mind. I suspect the Bannon dust up is one more episode, like prior dramas have been. Once it is no longer useful, to distract and sell books, it'll disappear.


I agree with Erick that a more focused use of twitter would better serve Trump but I am leaving an open mind to curtmilr's theory.

I agree with curtmilr. There is a reason he's doing it. Yes, it makes him look like a fool but he doesn't care. He has probably realized that there is no way the left will ever tell him that he's doing a good job so he's quietly doing his duty making policy changes and the like while the MSM continues their attacks. Come next election, we will all see all he has accomplished and feel much better.

I believe that both theory's are correct. Trump does it both for personal and petty reasons of having to answer every challenge and criticism and he does it as a distraction from the real policy. The problem is that the distraction cuts both ways. It is effective in changing the narrative when Trump has stepped in it (like hiring Mooch), but it also changes the narrative from the policy wins. Instead of milking the tax credits for the next year, it quickly became old news. Now the policy benefits still exists, but politically, Trump isn't getting the mileage out of the tax bill, Gorsuch or his other wins that he should. This strategy is great for building a really loyal following, but is not successful for building a winning coalition of 50%+. Trump won in spite of this because he faced such an awful candidate in Hillary. I candidate with a high favorbility, even with the same policies, will defeat Trump if he cannot learn some discipline. I don't think this is necessarily true for mid-terms. The GOP could ride the economy to hold the House and pick up seats in the Senate. I don't think Trump's personality will have that much negative or positive effect on the mid-terms, much like Obama's personal likability couldn't hold seats for the Democrats. Both men are built off of personality, not policy, and their approval ratings reflect that.

I think the easiest way for trump to increase his approval ratings is to act presidential. Ignore insults, not take bait, forgive people who oppose you, stop taking everything as a slight.

Tweets are just the easiest way for his stream of consciousness to get out. But he also does this at rallies, in interviews, etc.

I'm not sure if he can act presidential. I think that part of him is deeply engrained. People knew exactly what kind of person he was when he was elected. A big mouthed, thin skinned bully who likes to compare his dick size to others.

CurtMilr: That has been my thought all along. This is a very smart man. The more he drives the media crazy, the less they report about all the things done behind the scenes. As for me, I don't even read the tweets. I just want him to continue undoing all that Obama did.


Personally, if you are worrying what the media is saying about those tweets, you left your life somewhere else, and are worried about things that don't need all the fuss. Too many people are crying too often about those tweets, like they are all saints when "they" use them. I don't have a twitter account, and I don't care what the media says about what Trump tweets. Of all I've viewed of his tweets, I think the whole issue is a non issue. Trump wasn't put in office for being another George W Bush, or any pleasant personality trait. He was elected to do a job. Quit dwelling on nonsense and maybe spending more time on things he has done. I'm sure you can find a few examples of that. Tweets aren't as much of a problem the media wants you to believe. All the resistance by his own party, and that Mueller investigation is doing enough to destroy him. If he can't get his message out, any other way, since the media isn't going to do it, I'm fine with his tweets. It's his performance that counts.

And if pigs were horses, Steve Bannon would be Pegasus. If Trump stopped tweeting, the Secret Service would have to immediately take the Trumposter into custody and begin an all-out search for who kidnapped POTUS and where they'd secreted him. Besides, Trump's Tweetarrhea keeping his approval numbers in the thirties despite a supposed "economic boom" fits the entirely plausible theory that he never actually wanted to become president (he just ran as a promotional gimmick for his proposed television network), won by accident, hates the job, and wants a way out that would both enable him to save face and bolster his "counter-puncher" image. Even effectively tanking a 2020 re-election bid wouldn't cost him his core MAGAmaniacs, and they ARE his built-in "TrumpTV" audience, after all.

At least be more selective and strategic with his tweets. There is a way to get the truth out there without appearing like a thin-skinned bully.