I Need Your Nonpartisan Attention For a Minute, Please

You have the ability to help stop poaching in Africa, which makes a dent in all sorts of criminal enterprises.

Poaching in Africa has become one of the ways that various terrorist groups and human trafficking enterprises fund their various other endeavors. They kill elephants and rhinos then sell the ivory on the black market. One of the groups helping to stop this is the Ecological Defense Group, which is a group of veterans and others who work with various African nations to train locals in combatting the poachers.

They do more than that though. In the past, they've helped install solar panels in remote villages in Namibia and helped install well water systems in Botswana. By helping local communities, they're building a network of friends who help them fight back against the poachers.

Right now they have a new project and are trying to raise money for the Special Rangers in Kruger Park. They need $32,500 to buy specific items for the rangers to combat the growth of poaching in Kruger Park. Specifically, the money raised will buy

  • Nightvision goggles, mounts, and IR night vision lasers.
  • Field pants, jackets, belts, and knee pads from Crye Precision.
  • Ops Core helmets.
  • Suunto Wrist compasses
  • Velocity Systems Chest Rigs
  • Manta IR/visual Strobe Lights for group ID by helicopters
  • Rail adapters, optics, boots, GPS and other accessories.

The EDGE personnel will work with the rangers on training and procedures to stop the poachers. If you would like to contribute, please go here. This very literally is a way for you to help make a dent in the poaching trade, which in turn very literally does help disrupt terrorists, human traffickers, and others.

No. 1-1

Is this group anti-hunting in any regard? As an avid outdoorsman, I'm staunchly opposed to poaching, but am 100% in favor of legal, responsible hunting. I'm willing to help curb poaching as long as that's their only motivation/intent.