I'm so upset with the Western World and am reminded of how egoistical the US is. Having lived in US for so long now, I'm proud to call myself an Korean American. But something American's need to keep reminding themselves is that this world DOES NOT run just on what the US does. Yes, it is a big component, but this summit would not have happened if it wasn't for South Korea's efforts (regardless of how I feel about President Moon being so chummy with Kim Jung Eun). I hate that Trump supporters and himself is giving ONLY himself credit for this, and I hate Japan trying to act as if it had anything to do with this too. (In addition, regardless of this summit, we should still be very weary of every move Kim makes and I don't trust him one bit.)

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@Brickwall90, try stepping away from your emotional basis for evaluating everything and try actual thinking for a change. Your post reeks of hyper-emotional bias, and has a factual error as well.

The hysterical American Left (sorry for the redundancy) has been shrieking at high volume about the fact that President Trump gave so much credit for the summit to the leadership of North Korea and the efforts and work done by South Korea to make it all happen. We don't know what went on behind the curtain, regarding Japan or even China, in contributing to the summit. But it is very likely that North Korea was pressured by the big Asian nations of China and Japan, behind the scenes, while being courted in public by South Korea and President Trump.

I imagine that you are familiar with the concept of the carrot and the stick, of one person leading the donkey and offering it a carrot to move forward while the donkey is also aware of the man behind him with the stick.

You say "I hate that Trump supporters and himself is giving ONLY himself credit for this" yet this is simply not the case. The opposite is the truth. President Trump was savaged by the Left for not cooperating with other nations, with other leaders, not being "diplomatic" enough. Then when the summit proved that he had been working with other nations, with other leaders, and acting as a diplomat, the Left howled about that.

The Left howls. The Left lies. You might consider finding some different sources for your "news".