I'm glad you are praying, it's the most important part for sure. Definitely don't think your anti-Trump stance is at all useful. Choosing to light yourself on fire...and then staying on fire after extinguishers are continually distributed is just plain silly. Not sad to see you off air. I will add, that praying for the President is key no matter if that person is the most liberal, conservative, or Donald Trump. God put him there for a reason, and I will be the first to admit I have not the slightest idea what that reason is. I definitely love how Trump is shaking up the status quo from the establishment, left, and the so called "conservative movement" (which the latter is a joke right now). Keep praying, I'm also praying that you may know Christ even more than you do now for complete healing for your family. More importantly, I'm praying that we have leaders who will once again serve God over themselves...they lack greatly, especially from ones who claim to be Christian.