I Hate Doing This

But it is one of those necessary things that I must do

I do not like to do this. I feel like a failure every single time I do. But it is also the nature of compromises. We don't want to do pop-ups or semi-porn ads or all the other things that are actually pretty financially lucrative. As a result, I must come to you, the readers, and ask you to help us keep the lights on.

We have have found new ways of monetization, including putting ads in our podcast. But while we are headed in the right direction as revenue and traffic are both increasing, we are not yet at the break even point and Philip, who you never see, but who steers the site daily, needs a paycheck.

I do not like to ask you for your money, but I continue to believe we are both on the right track and providing a service of focusing on conservative grassroots and policy beyond cults of personality. So I thank you in advance and ask for your help.

Hey Eric! I love your blog and the seriousness of your faith. I will be sending you a check. Today.

can you add a link to your 'pledge' page? it isn't obvious how to contribute... appreciate your work in the medium and want to help it continue!

never mind... it was hiding right in plain sight! -smile

The link disappeared! I went back to find the mailing address and it will not pop up again!

On Meet the Press Sunday, a wise man (wise guy?) said that while he appreciates all the conservative things our President has done, he's still bugged that our CiC is "ill-mannered, badly behaved, not a role model." How dare, sir. How dare!! (p.s. wish your contribution page took Wal Mart cards. Otherwise, I was glad to donate a few bucks--cheers!).

Do you have any idea how refreshing it is to read a news sight that's not a college course on Trump Apologetics and how to lie for the GOP? It's Conservative and anti-populism, a combination rarer than a horse and buggy in 2018.

And unlike Trump, notorious for not paying for his services, I'll happily send you two hour's wage since I'm not a communist.

Hey Erick, I definitely will contribute something. But you should reach out to Adam Carolla (seriously) and talk about how you can monetize free media. He somehow got his podcast off the ground before it even was a real platform, and they have a company that employs a ton of people without any sort of intrusive advertising I can perceive. Just an idea.