Erick, I am sorry for the wicked abuse you suffered. A sad fact of our current world is that too many people bully those who disagree with their viewpoint, which only serves to aggravates divides. I strongly disagree with you about some issues – such as your stance on allegations of long ago sexually immorality by Trump and Judge Moore. In the case of Charlie Rose ( you acknowledge that you believe in a “God of second chances.” The question is why should Charlie Rose deserve a second chance, if Trump and Moore don’t. I don’t think it is a coincidence that your willing to give Charlie Rose a second chance because you are “a Charlie Rose fan,” but unwilling to give Trump and Moore a second chance because you dislike them. In my opinion, that is an unequal application of justice which is inconsistent with your strong Christian faith. In my opinion, all people deserve second chances, and not just those we like. I think granting people second chances is particularly crucial in cases of long ago allegations that can neither be proven or disproven, provided there is no evidence of current misbehavior. If you want to increase the readership to your website, perhaps you could put aside your personal dislike of Trump and acknowledge what commentators like Hannity and Rush are not afraid to say: i.e., that Trump is being abused with false accusations of Russian collusion by people who are clearly guilty of the crimes intended to take out Trump. You don’t have to like Trump to acknowledge that he is being unfairly targeted by people who detest his policies. Red State certainly had a share of anti-Trump commentators who would cheer any negative report about Trump, regardless of whether it was true or not. There are people who are real conservatives and sincere Christians who are willing to stand up and fight against an unfair treatment of Trump, even if they also have to pay a price for their stance, such as being labelled a Trump-Humper.