How Radical is Brett Kavanaugh? So Radical He Does This.

If this is the indicator of a radical, we are all radicals.

Brett Kavanaugh is a radical, according to the Washington Post. Two American guys who work for European outfits have decided they can use computers to analyze data and from that data conclude just how radical someone is. And what is the big tip off of Kavanaugh's radicalism?

He justified his decisions with conservative doctrines far more than his colleagues, citing politicized precedents consistent with other Republican-appointed judges, invoking the original Articles of the Constitution (consistent with the Originalist jurisprudence favored by conservative jurists) and using the language of economics and free markets.

That's right folks. He cites the articles of the Constitution. Game over.

Also, the same authors have concluded that Samuel Alito is on the "conservative fringe" because he is at the top of a chart that leaves off John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas.

For perspective, Kavanaugh has authored over 300 opinions during his time on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court has adopted Kavanaugh's reasoning eleven times directly, which is actually a pretty impressive feat. In other words, Kavanaugh is so radical that's shaped American constitutional jurisprudence directly in significant ways.

It is laughable to begin with that "data scientists" think they can use data to determine something like this, which is inherently subjective. But it is more laughable to conclude a guy who is highly respected in legal circles and who has had an enormous influence on American constitutional law without even being on the Supreme Court is somehow a radical.

Perhaps this study is more a reflection of the authors than Kavanaugh.

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@Jules I wasn’t saying that the left uses words that lack objective meanings. I was saying that the left uses words in such distorted fashion that it strips them of their true objective meaning.

For example, anybody who has made an honest attempt to study a minimal amount of history can’t miss the atrocities real Nazi's committed – including killing over a million people in gas chambers. No matter what kind of name calling Trump uses in his tweets, it is logically senseless to equate that with the mass executions done by the Nazi’s. That type of comparison trivializes the utter evil of real Nazi atrocities, as does using the word “Radical” to describe Judge Kavanaugh.

In an interview with Mike Pence yesterday, Rush Limbaugh started with the following comments that highlight just how absurd the hyperbole of the progressive left is:

Thank you. Now, let me ask you, I’ve got some quotes here. Nancy Pelosi, quote, “Civilization as we know it today is at risk in this election and with this selection.” What is your timetable, Mr. Vice President, for ending civilization?

Terry McAuliffe in Virginia says that “Kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of Americans.” How many lives do we expect to lose as a result of this selection?


@DavidMKern, the Left has an extensive lexicon of words that actually do have objective meanings, but are misused to create a spasm of hate in the minds of their mobs, to generate negative emotions and give them something to claim as support for their rage.

They tried using "liberal" when "socialist" was deemed too toxic, but that had to change when their tactics were so transparently the opposite of the meaning of the word. I use it sometimes to refer to a Lefty, but use the upper-case L, as a Liberal has nothing in common with a true liberal. Then they latched onto "Progressive", turning it into a word meaning a regressive movement back toward always-failed political policies.

They have trivialized the word "racist" till it is meaningless. But worse, they have trivialized "rape" and "genocide". "Homophobe" never meant anything anyway, a made-up word that wants to imply hatred of homosexuals but really says people are afraid of themselves.

There are more subtle manipulations, as well. You may have noticed that when a conservative policy or action is discussed, it is always "controversial", usually in a voice that drops a little in tone and volume to attract attention to the ominous nature of being "controversial".


Radical is like Nazi or Far-Right-Extremist for Progressives/Liberals. They are simply derogatory synonyms for anybody not in line with their political views, as are racist, sexist, homophobe. It is like “Climate Change.” If the words one uses mean anything and everything they really have no meaning at all.


I am so very thankful that Donald Trump persevered through all the attacks mounted by the left and the main street media to become President and appoint two Constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. America is so much better off today in spite of the people that tried so hard to prevent him from winning. Great job Mr. President and keep it up.