Here's What the White House Wants You to Know About the SOTU

The only sure thing is that we'll be on to his post-speech tweets by Thursday. The speech is tomorrow night.

THEME: Building a Safe, Strong and Proud America

The President will be talking about his record-setting accomplishments from his first year;

How the policies of his administration are lifting all Americans;

How these policies are setting a foundation for building a safe, strong and proud America.


Jobs and the Economy

o The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  • o The administration’s deregulation effort

o How these policies are creating millions of jobs, increasing workers’ wages, creating stock market records, increasing the value of college savings accounts, and retirement accounts.

o How greatly expanded opportunities are lifting up all Americans.


  • The President will talk about his $1 trillion plan for rebuilding our depleted infrastructure and how we’re going to do it right and fast.


The President will reiterate the legislative principles laid out this week.


The U.S. will be insisting on fair and reciprocal trade

See APEC speech and Davos speech for examples

National Security

o Rebuilding our military

  • o Returning to the policy of peace through strength

o Returning to the clarity about our friends and adversaries

§ The president will speak about North Korea and nuclear issues

§ Also, see the President’s National Security Strategy speech

o The administration’s efforts to defeat terrorists around the world


The President will be speaking from the heart;

It will be a speech that resonates with our American values and unites us with patriotism and greater opportunities;

It will be bipartisan and forward looking.

There will be specific call-outs to Congress for action.


· Just like last year, on Tuesday, there will be a release of the guests that will be in the gallery and you can expect the President to address some of the guests.

· The opioid crisis will be addressed in the speech and one of the gallery guests will be reflective of the impact of the drug addiction and opioid crisis.

· There will also be guests who have benefitted from the Tax Cuts and Job Act.

No. 1-1

If the federal government funds infrastructure, and it is done fast, it will be a first. The feds slow everything down. It gets bogged down in requirements, regulations, environmental clearances, lawsuits and delays. It slows down to a turtle's pace. It will be interesting to see how this is any different. Even when the feds pass the money to the states, they usually maintain project review and additional regulations. Things like Davis Bacon will also make the projects more expensive. Infrastructure spending is good, but it is not the role of the federal government. Unless we have a specific project that is for a national purpose (such as the Interstate system for the rapid movement of military personnel and equipment and as makeshift runways all over the country), the federal government is getting further into an area it has no business in.