Here's What I Know. Not Much.

No one knows, which is what the President wants. It's all about the ratings.

The President has made his decision. Some people are saying to expect Hardiman. I've had it suggested that it is Kavanaugh, but two friends swear that in the last half-hour to hour sources in the White House tell them it is Amy Barrett.

That's it.

No one really knows and that is the way the President likes it. He wants the eyeballs at 9pm.

The one thing I can say for certain from a source who talked to the President himself is that the President has been advised Hardiman would be least likely to excite the base and that the President really did like the idea of Barrett being a woman who did not go to Harvard or Yale.

He'll probably appoint himself!

Barrett would be a great pick. She’ll diversify the court by being outside the dc-nyc corridor and not an alumnus of Yale or Harvard.

I think Barrett is ultimately a poor choice. She's inexperienced and confirmation would be contentious. The only thing she has going for her is her age and I don't think we should dream that whoever gets the pick is going to be our puppet for life.

I am Trump supporter, as long as it is not his sister we have a win. I think Judge Jeanine would be great. She could rip the face off the other three women on the court in one wink of her false eyelashes.

Judge Judy is also a good choice. She could keep doing her show and we would have cameras in the court.

I know you're joking, but egads. Okay, I'm laughing.