Here is the Biggest "Explosion" in the Nunes Memo

George Papadopoulos triggered this investigation, not Carter Page.

I think the biggest explosion in the Nunes memo is the one that the memo seems to want to downplay.

The memo notes that the counter-intelligence investigation began in July of 2016 based on George Papadopoulos's drunken encounter with the Australian ambassador at a bar in London. The FISA application for Carter Page came in October of 2016 and was based, in part, on that Papadopoulos episode.

Additionally, information from the Steele dossier played a role in the Page FISA application.

But this is the explosion, though more a bang than a mushroom cloud: the memo downplays the Papadopoulos bit, putting it at the end of the memo, but chronologically it came before the FISA application and led to the FISA application when coupled with the Steele dossier. The investigation had already begun because of Papadopoulos, not because of Carter Page. Page got dragged into it. There is no evidence of conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos, but as the memo notes, "The Page FISA application also mentions information regarding fellow Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, but there is no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos."

How is all this an explosion?

(a) This was a counter-intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation like some have claimed.

(b) Papadopoulos's incident triggered it, not the Christopher Steele dossier.

(c) Nunes, by pushing the precipitating factor to the last paragraph and focusing on Page, downplays that.

(d) The whole thing again reflects the lack of any tangible connection directly to the President. Papadopolous was a bit player in London and Page was and is an idiot.

(e) I'll just quote from the memo, "Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without Steele dossier information."

So comey and strzok collude, to make public, the FBI is going to reopen the case on Hillary, days before the election!! At that time, Hillary was ahead in the polls, and it was kept under cover that they were also investigating trump's administration!! And you are going to lie to me and say millions of people, either didn't vote, or changed their vote, at the last minute, because of that game-changing announcement!!! trump kept shouting out the the election was rigged, if Hillary won!! It was all a bong smoke screen, cause it ended rigged for him to win!!! That's what happens when you have two of the most lying, corrupt, deceivers running against each other!!! America deserves what it got, if that's the best you can do!!! BOTH FAKES>>BOTH LOSERS!!!

It seems to me the management of the FBI was lax under Comey and rife with politics and conflicts of interest. My guess is Wray senses this but he had to oppose the memo for internal reasons - I think he also knows the IG report will give him the free hand to address the problems.

Making a FISA request for the wrong purpose and leaving out a major detail is the crime. It makes no difference if it was Page, Papadopolous or the the dossier. The report of the Inspector General of the FBI needs to be disclosed if it involved the retirement/resignation/or firing of McCabe. Other memos might get deeper into security issues and methodology. Comey blew his integrity when he broke the investigation of Hillary and came up with the wrong conclusion. Prove to me that Hillary did not collude with Russia in the destroyed e-mails. Hitting the reset button, the line in the sand, the sale of uranium, and Bill's speeches, can't be forms of collusion. Trump has been treated as the evil outsider who knows nothing. Loyalty should be to the country over a person. No man can serve two masters. Friendships can remain but that doesn't allow for backstabbing. How many in the FBI believe that Trump should be stopped at any cost? Can they be honest and above board on everything until it came to Obama and Hillary? Now some are saying that Russia back funded the NRA, the NRA needed funding from Russia with all the attacks on the 2nd amendment. Slaves in chains is the same as chain migration. All of trump's accomplishments should be forgotten for deeds before Melania and the presidential campaign.

It was all about SPYING by the Obama administration using government agencies to get Donald Trump. Then there was the Clinton collusion with the Russians and the role of the DNC.

For a complete understanding of the intricacies of the entire mess, I would suggest listening to the Dan Bongino Podcast where he does excellent job connecting ALL the dots.

The fact that the FBI and DOJ tried to prevent the release of this info, because of its classified nature, makes me question the current FBI and DOJ. I see why they didn't want it out, but how is any of that classified to the point that release of it has any negative connotation (for America, not just for those agencies).

You DON'T? Then you had better either do some research, or stop voting. NO branch of government should be involved with our elections, especially if they are working for or against a particular candidate.

What if Trump hadn't won? And what if Trump hadn't won because of things people in government were doing? If they can rig the vote once they can rig it again, and again, and again. FYI the end result would eventually be a dictatorship because those in government can rig things for whomever they want in office.

once the government has power it never wants to give it up. and it always wants more. it would be awesome if the FISA courts were discontinued, or made courts of public record and held accountable for misdeeds, but it is unlikely to happen. maybe hopefully the best we can hope for is cleaning house at the FBI and DOJ

does anyone have a list of all the government agencies the Obama admin used as weapons against the American people? start out with the IRS, EPA, DOJ under Eric Holder, and now add the FBI.