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Hawaii's Emergency Alert System Activates For a Missile Attack

Someone sent out an emergency alert that a missile was inbound to Hawaii. There was no missile.

Texts went out to people's phones saying a missile was incoming to Hawaii. It was not an alert and people needed to take shelter. Alarms went off on the island as well to warn people of the incoming missile. Television and radio stations went into EMA alert mode announcing an incoming ballistic missile. This happened today.

But there was no missile.

Some multiple people seriously screwed up and need to be fired, if not jailed. That was either malicious or serious incompetence or both.

And people thought Donald Trump was going to start World War III. Nope. It'll be a hacker or idiot with access to the Emergency Management Alerts system.

Chicken Little and The Boy Who Cried Wolf appear to have formed an LLP.

I'll go with "never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity." Figure somebody for some reason thought there was a real missile on the way.

I tend to agree about stupidity over malice, but also remember the 1971 activation of Conelrad procedures due to a test mixup. Admittedly all it did was interrupt broadcasting and start the "Please listen to your local radio..." statements, it didn't say there was an imminent attack. Also remember the EMS mixups happening lately in some local cable broadcast areas.

Essentially, humans make errors, and most aren't malicious. And given historical tradition of even our enemies wanting to verify an attack before issuing warnings, I suspect this was essentially another 1971-type accident while trying to implement/test new alerts.

Somebody needs to be held accountable for this. Either they 1) did it as a poorly thought-out prank, 2) or they had access to the emergency warning system and didn't know how to use it. Either way, somebody needs to get to the bottom of it and satisfy the public that the issue has been addressed or the whole emergency warning system loses all credibility