Gov. Greg Abbott Will Be At The Resurgent Gathering. Will You?

The event is going to be a fantastic event for conservatives to engage in substantive discussions about policy.

Governor Greg Abbott is up for re-election this year in Texas along with Senator Ted Cruz. Both will be at the Resurgent Gathering. Governor Abbott will kick off the event the morning of August 3rd to welcome everyone. He and I will talk about Texas as an economic engine and as a bastion of liberty.

Thanks to our sponsors, we have been able to keep registration at $99.00 for the event along with a great deal on a hotel room. You're going to want to be there the night of August 2nd and fly out on the 5th. We have a jam packed agenda that we'll be unveiling soon.

Governor Abbott joins Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky, Senator Cruz of Texas, Congressman Warren Davidson of Ohio, Chip Roy, and more. We will continue rolling out the announcements of speakers and have some more exciting names coming. We will also be talking to executives from Google, Facebook, and other tech companies about online privacy, conservative concerns about their platforms, and more.

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No. 1-2

Ask him if he thinks taking thousands of acres of private citizens Texas land through eminent domain, cutting off water access to hundreds of ranchers to build a wall is the model of liberty.


Ask him why he didn't call Trump a moron to his face for suggesting that Texans went out in boats to watch the hurricane.