Good morning.

I have reached the end of my rope with the liberals and the election. When Stacey Abrams began the newest round of commercials asking people to call to share their voting story, I decided to do as she asks. I called the 800 number was placed on hold. Finally, when someone comes on the line I begin to share my story...well I guess they didn't like my story because I was immediately disconnected. This morning, I fired off an email. I would like to share it.

Good morning.

I have watched this mockery of an election from the beginning. I have gritted my teeth with every ad, rolled my eyes at every accusation, and yelled at my TV more than a few times.

As we pass the week AFTER the election is over mark with no real end in sight I felt it imperative that I share my voter story with you, Stacey Abrams. Your ads say that it is important the ALL votes count and that ALL voices are heard. Here is mine...

My voter story begins before election day. Before the last day of voter registration, I googled "am I registered to vote in Georgia"? Google suggested I visit So I did.

This sent me to the Georgia Secretary of State's My Voter Page. This site allows me to check my voter registration status, check status of my mail-in application and ballot status, poll locations, early voting locations -and MORE!

First, I had to log in. Easy enough. You enter your first initial, your last name, county, and date of birth.

This routed me to MY VOTER PAGE. All my information was correct. It gave me my polling place location, directions to my polling place, where I could vote early. There was even a sample ballot. I could request an absentee ballot. It even told me who the candidates were for my district.

I showed up at my polling place on Election Day. I had my picture ID ready. I stood in line with all the other voters. I showed my ID. I was given my voter card. I went to the kiosk cast my votes, collected my I VOTED sticker and went on my merry way.

You see Stacey Abrams, this is the story of a responsible voter. An adult who realized the gravity of the privilege to vote. Yes, it is my right but above that it IS a privilege. And with privilege comes responsibility. I have no issue with showing my ID. I do it all the time. Anytime I use a credit card or write a check at Wal-Mart. Anytime I go to my bank. Anytime I purchase an adult beverage. Anytime I go to a movie with a rating above PG-13. Anytime I go to a club that serves alcohol.

I would certainly hope that you choose to share my story. I am sure that if you are truly honest you will find this is the story of most people. I am sure you will find that this is YOUR story too.

Enjoy your day. Best of luck in all future endeavors.