Good CNN and Bad CNN on Display in One Day

In one day, CNN showed its best self, its worst self, and its need for some improvement on a key news story.

The day started with Chris Cuomo pushing out a story from a kid claiming he could buy a AR-15 with expired identification. If one bothered reading the story, one would have read the kid admitting he did not actually go through with the purchase. Like most gun stores, the kid asked to see a particular gun and the shop let him hold it. Cuomo, when confronted with the truth, attacked the people who pointed out the truth claiming they were somehow attacking the kid who lied.

Then CNN took an unfortunate turn. One of their really good reporters who I actually know and think very highly of, confronted an elderly lady in Florida who had shared stuff on Facebook and participated in some rally that had actually been orchestrated by Russian trolls. CNN had also given media attention to that rally. But instead of confronting its own ability to be played by the Russian trolls, CNN harassed the senior citizen in a conversation that ended with her walking away muttering expletives. Later, the lady show her Facebook page targeted by leftwing trolls.

The story could have been a good one. The lady clearly had no idea she had been played. And I cannot help but think that had CNN gone in a different direction with it, they could have helped the lady realize she'd been played without also making her look like a belligerent fool. It was unfortunate and showed a lack of recognition that the network itself had been duped.

On this one, I actually hope they try again and I actually hope they also find Democrats who participated in anti-Trump rallies organized by the Russians. Otherwise I think they do a real disservice to the story, which is that Russia played everybody off everybody. All sides were duped.

But then there was last night's townhall. I see lots of people blowing up CNN for the townhall, but allow me to defend them.

You aren't going to get a lot of pro-gun attendees at one of these things. I am positive, given the demographics of the school, that there are parents and students who believe in expanding gun rights and not restricting gun rights. But those people are not going to show up at a townhall like that when many of the people already committed to being there wanted to be vocally anti-gun.

CNN, though, did a real service by inviting Republicans, the NRA, etc. to weather the storm and I think the network treated them fairly and respectfully. I have seen some complain about the stacking of the deck in favor of gun control. I don't think you could have found second amendment advocates from the school willing to show up. It's not that they are not there. It's that they don't want to be the skunk at the party and they would have been. That's not CNN's fault.

What the network did was allow people to air grievances and feel like they were being heard. Whether anything comes of it I won't hold my breath. And I would caution the network that it walks a fine line between advocacy on the issue and reporting on the issue. Many of its anchors and reporters are in favor of more gun control and they risk the network careening towards advocacy when, I think, they did a good job actually just letting the conversation happen last night.

I tend to prefer the news portion at CNN more than most other networks because I think they do a good job of bring both sides in. I wish Chris Cuomo could be as respectful of conservatives as most of his anchor co-workers are. And I wish CNN would approach the Russia story differently than they did yesterday. But CNN knows how to put on a townhall and I applaud them for their effort last night. Yes it was one sided. But that wasn't CNN's fault.

I agree. CNN is trash. I uninstalled the Apple news app this morning because. I kept seeing their notifications, and there was no way to turn it off. I also noticed that there was no option to choose any conservative news source, but that wasn't surprising either.

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I still remember watching Judy Woodruff interviewing Tom Clancy on CNN, 9/11/2001. Judy wanted to know how this happened. Clancy's response we don't have human assets on the ground listening to these conversations because the previous administration was relying on spy satellites for intelligence gathering. Judy became indignant stating that meant spying on people. Tom just looked into the camera and shook his head. Switched to Fox and never looked back.

Excuse me, but when I wandered in here this morning, I was still under the impression that I was on what was at least a nominally conservative site. I see that I was mistaken.

It is a conservative site. One that allows, reasonable, differences of opinion to be discussed.

We go on and on here about Erick's supposed anti-Trumpism. Sometimes ridiculously so. Yes, he was a "never-Trumper." So was I. I did not vote for Mr. Trump. But as with every other president, I will applaud what he does well and voice my dissatisfaction where he fails (the same goes for other elected officials and the media). And I do so primarily on policy. So far, on policy, Mr. Trump is fulfilling many of the promises he made and is maintaining a relatively conservative agenda on policy. He's reversed many of the, in my opinion, mistakes of his predecessor.

To have been a "never-Trumper" does not mean you will forever be one. As Tom Hanks said soon after the election, "I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.” And I, and I believe every never-Trumper, hopes that, too.

I scan CNN and other media to see what is the lie of the day. Some of the people duped by Russia, had CNN as a connection between the two. Trump brought two of my others into his cabinet, Pence and Perry. Pence was sunk over the religion bill before he got started. Cruz recognized the danger of Hillary, but would have played too nice. Walker was another outsider. The table of corruption was already set by Hillary, Obama, and the media.

John R: I don't mind that, but when the site host endorses CNN, actually prefers CNN news, thinks CNN anchors are kind to conservatives, and makes excuses for the ambushing of an old lady on her private property, it doesn't seem so much a difference of opinion but advocacy, the abandonment of fundamentals, and/or the long anticipated coming out declaration.

On balance CNN has been bad for a long time. I just stopped saying I had to watch it like did for the major news networks. I have little enough time to waste diving into the septic tank the liberal news media to find a fact or two under a cover of unsupported assertions, misrepresentations, and lies. Back during the cold war it would be like telling me I had to read the English version of Pravda to get the Soviet perspective. Always consider the source before accepting information. That is not close-minded it is a hard lesson you learn when you've been manipulated one time too many.


Very simply: Gun control is unconstitutional. Therefore, if you favor gun control then you should be leading an effort to repeal the 2nd Amendment (which I would oppose). That is the only legal way to impose gun control. I happen to believe that if guns are outlawed (or restricted, heavily regulated, etc.) then only outlaws will have guns. Meaning we will have more innocent victims. Schools are generally gun free zones, and look what happens.


Actually, you were on a fair site -- you know, one of the very few that will critize when criticism is due, and give "kudos" when kudos are due. This is a good example of what SHOULD be honest and open reporting. Would that all "reporting" would be balanced, but that isn't going to happen until people stand up and demand it, which probably isn't going to happen. Too many people already have their minds made up and are unable to take a fair look at both sides of an issue

Erick is a conservative. Just because he doesn't agree with you all of the time, doesn't change that. He has done a tremendous amount of good over his career advocating for conservatism and still does. I disagree with Erick here. I think his view is colored by the personal relationships that he has with the people at CNN. We only see their work product and not the nice people they may be on a personal level. I think that actually gives us a better perspective to judge their actions than Erick has, provided that we approach it with honesty and fairness. From what I can see, there are too many lies, too many gotcha segments, too many biased "journalists" at CNN to accept that it is just a mistake or a misjudgment. The network as a whole advances the leftist agenda, intentionally or unintentionally. In the end, the scales are tipped way to the left because CNN makes them so. They deserve criticism for this. I like Jake Tapper because I think he makes a sincere and honest effort to be fair and evenhanded to everyone, right and left. It doesn't mean he always succeeds and doesn't have inherent biases that leak through from time to time, like we all have. I see in him an effort to be fair. For the rest of the network, I see the opposite. I see an effort to skew the news and the stories to achieve a desirable end. I don't know whether they do it intentionally or are just too lazy or unprofessional to keep their own biases from shining through. It happens all the same. By this point, they deserve to be viewed that it is intentional because there has been no effort to correct the obvious problems that exist.

etbass: Thanks, I enjoy your posts. It's not about Erick agreeing with me, it's about enabling, aiding and abetting, and giving cover to a bottom feeding entity that loathes conservatism, champions social justice, and mocks all of Christendom. We can pray for them, we can forgive them, we can witness to them, we can love them, and we can turn the other cheek, but we should not unequally yoke or cast our pearls before swine.

I guess you missed the part about CNN scripting the questions so anything remotely pro-gun would not show up during the town hall meeting. It's not that you won't get pro-gun people at meetings like this, it's that CNN won't allow them to be heard.

I would hope that you would have voted for Trump over Hillary. Even a vote for someone other than Trump would have been a vote that could have possibly gotten Hillary elected. I can't say that I was a never-Trumper, but I was so much against him that I devoted an entire page on my WEB site as to why he should not be the Republican nominee. With that being said when it came down to Hillary and Trump I had to support him. He still has liberal tendencies, but overall he has accomplished a lot. We needed a fighter and he is that. I still would have preferred Cruz, but Trump is what we got.

I wish someone would really take a moment to analyze the root problem with school shootings vs doing what we love to do - ignore the problem and supply the band-aid. Eric, you have silently touched on the issue in previous articles and I am surprised you are not highlighting it now. The answer is not more guns - I have guns, so that is not what I am against. Does anyone really think that a coach in the gym carrying a gun in this school would have made this man think twice before entering and shooting? If, as reported tonight, the armed security guard did nothing - do we really think an unprofessional gun carrier can do more. My fear is that some disgruntled, disrespectful student is going to get pissed off over his 0 on his homework, overpower the teacher, grab the gun and start shooting. Therein lies the problem. We are raising a group, and from elementary school, of disrespectful, bitter and entitled students. The answer is to give BACK the power of discipline to the teachers and administrators. I raised 5 children and now 7 grandchildren in the public schools. I have spent many hours volunteering in different capacities and have often felt frightened for my wellbeing! I have watched school teachers turn a blind eye and administrators throw up their hands in defeat. And these are not inner-city schools, in fact much like Florida. I could go on - but I think my I've made my point. I have solutions - but who would listen to me. I'm just an average individual that gives a damn but can't do a thing about it. The one thing I will ask on this forum is if you have not spent time in your child's school - make a point to do so. We parents have an opportunity to be heard right now. Not only would we be saving our children from mass shootings, we could have an impact on bullying and teen suicide, (in addition giving our children a more meaningful education). All these issues are related to the lack of accountability in our youth and the inability of our teachers to make a difference - through no lack of effort on their part. And, if I may ask - why are we only hearing from the students from this school and not the teachers - I really would like to hear their solutions vs the emotional appeal a 17 year old or a politician that has never stepped inside a public school.

Erick, I think you should check out the story about Colton Haab, a Junior ROTC member and student at the school. He brings evidence for a staged event where questions and comments were prearranged and planted and those with conservative views were pushed out. That would suggest there was no 'good CNN' to report.

In District of Columbia v. Heller, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, "Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. . . . For example, the majority of the 19th-century courts to consider the question held that prohibitions on carrying concealed weapons were lawful under the Second Amendment or state analogues. . . . [N]othing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms." Scalia added in a footnote, "We identify these presumptively lawful regulatory measures only as examples; our list does not purport to be exhaustive."

I should add that the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 was so clearly permitted under the Second Amendment that to the best of my knowledge, no one even tried to mount a serious court challenge to the statute on that basis.

There is a new show on CNN that might really surprise a lot of conservatives. Van Jones (yes, the same Van Jones that Fox News attacked so relentlessly during his brief time in the Obama administration) has spent the last few months excoriating progressives over their unreasoning anger at Trump and general "we're right, you're wrong" attitude toward conservatives, urging them to try and understand where conservatives are coming from (and of course, vice versa). His featured guest last week was Megan McCain. The Van Jones Show airs on CNN at 7 p.m. EST. I'm not kidding: you may really be surprised at what you see.