Forgettable Follies of a Farcical Presidency

Two porn stars were connected to the President last week. That was the least sensational Presidential news of the week.

When I began this column, we were after the Bannon breakdown and Wolff book, just after the President’s on camera White House roundtable discussing immigration, and before his Thursday comments and the two porn stars. Yes, there were two porn stars.

It is a pretty damning indicator of just how farcical this Presidency is when we are not even to the one year point and stories of two separate adult film stars having alleged sexual relationships with the President while he is married are the throw off items in a one week news cycle. My first efforts were about the President’s plans, or lack thereof, to deal with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. But we have moved on to certain holes, mostly of the President’s own digging.

Senator Dick Durbin says the President used that word (my children may avoid my social media feeds save Instagram, but they read my columns so you will have to excuse my refusal to use that word). Senator Tim Scott says Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed the President used that word. President Trump tweeted a denial that he said it about Haiti. Jake Tapper of CNN reports people in the room said the President actually did not say it about Haiti, but that he did say it about the African nations.

Curiously, Senator David Perdue and the Secretary of Homeland Security had no memory of the President using that word. They just did not recall it. Then they recalled that the President did not say it. Now they have moved on to believing the President ended the “S” word with “house,” not “hole,” which is how they have chosen to convince themselves they are not lying.

That is all very curious because I personally spoke with someone the President called overnight Thursday. The purpose of the call was to gauge the reaction of the base on the comment. I am told the President expected it to play well, which is probably why the White House’s allies doubled down overnight to affirm that what the President said was true and everybody knows it is true. This would also explain why a story that came out during business hours at the White House and would obviously be the biggest story of the day, leading all the news networks’ coverage for that evening, saw no significant White House reaction, including no denial.

Only after the hosts on Fox & Friends Thursday morning suggested the President made a mistake with his words and should walk it back did the President tweet that he did not say it about Haiti. Only later in the day did White House staff start denying it. And only later did Senator Perdue and others suddenly have a memory lapse. Of course, there is a new certainty in the land beyond death and taxes. It is that within a day or so President Trump will do, say, or tweet something else extraordinary causing the American press and public attention to careen away from the one folly to the next. Eventually, should the various follies fail to distract, our reality television President will perhaps offer up Jared Kushner as a sacrificial lamb or finally go shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, as he says he could and get away with it. There will always be a distraction.

Oddly enough, the actual hole remark is not, or should not be, the controversial part. There actually are some pretty terrible places on the planet. You nor I would want to live there and the people there are trying to escape. The President was just stating a fact in that regard. The problem is that he thinks those people do not make good immigrants. In fact, they do. African immigrants to the United States have a higher rate of college degrees than Americans. The children of those immigrants have an even higher rate.

Unfortunately for conservatives like me, this whole farce undermines the accomplishments of this Presidency. It is harder and harder to champion a sound policy, like tax reform, regulatory reform, or even some stellar judicial picks because they are all tainted by the man whose signature is on the paperwork. We live in an age of personality. During the Obama years, as the press questioned and probed that Administration and conservatives badgered Obama’s legacy, liberal Americans suddenly decided it was time to curtail the First Amendment.

With Trump’s arrival into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, most liberals excepting those on college campuses have doubled down on the defense of the First Amendment as President Trump and his supporters spend time daily assaulting the amendment. Consequently, sound conservative public policy is polluted by association with farce. Long and commonly held American views on free markets are suddenly not very commonly shared because of Donald Trump. Long and commonly held American views on the free press are crumbling just as views on the free exercise of religion began crumbling under the last President.

Our increasing national affection for cults of personality will affect the conservative agenda moving forward on issues like life, the second amendment, and individualism itself. As the President wraps himself in those issues, many Americans will connect them to the farce. Ironically, perhaps this will get us somewhere on immigration. As the President has wrapped himself in nationalist, isolationist rhetoric, perhaps a majority of Americans will do the right thing and let the DACA recipients stay. To align with the President on this now is to be perceived as aligning with bigotry. I suspect we will see a flood of people repelled by the President’s follies who will connect strident opposition against the Dreamers to farce. Taking that issue off the table before the midterm elections would be prudent for Republicans. But they will not be able to escape the farce, only the forgettable follies forgotten only because of daily deluge of subsequent follies.

No one is repeating the question in its proper context. Why don't more people come from Norway instead of (he may or may not have said s**t hole) countries in Africa, (Uganda is not on my vacation list, if I had one) and Haiti. But, if you just want to hate on the President while flaunting your recently earned cleric's hat, remember, you have to deal with your Trump Derangement Syndrome first (get the beam out of your own eye) and not speak ill of dignitaries. I suppose that would include all Democrats, and that is unfortunate, because if a Democrat says the sun is shining, it is highly advised that you go outside and look up first. The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of countries in Africa that it is ill advised for Americans to even visit, even Kenya, where missionaries disappear without warning. Why would we, as Americans, want more people from countries like that coming here. What we really need is about 40 years of totally restricted immigration so that we can regain our roots and reestablish the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States, instead of worrying about a national argument of whether or not we should allow or adopt Sharia Law.

So, Erick, when will you be opening your home to allow a family of Dreamers to move in with you? Preferably a family from one of the nations referred to by the President.

It seems to me that this would be a good time (a "teachable moment") to look at WHY some parts of this world qualify as "that word". Is it because these geographic areas lack the resources necessary to sustain life? No. Even in areas subject to droughts and famines and natural disasters, for centuries they also supported human life. They provide enough in the way of food and shelter for people to live, and for the most part live comfortably according to their culture. Is it because some people are genetically unable to provide for themselves and therefore live in filth and poverty? No, for the same reasons outlined above. It always comes down to government. It is my observation that when a Leftist form of government imposes itself on a civilization, the civilization turns to "that word". From the savannas of Africa to the villages of the Andes to the cities of the United States, people who have been allowed to live their lives and make their own decisions have led pretty decent lives. Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island, yet the countries are vastly different. The only explanation is the government of Haiti. People from the naturally rich (in terms of natural resources and climate) nations of Central and South America are literally risking death to come to the United States. Their own nations are not "that word" because of their geographic locations or climates or lack of natural resources or inferiority of their peoples---they became "that word" when Marxism raised its ugly head and created mobs which have terrorized people, stifled productivity and in general made these places "that word" so much so that people risk their lives to flee.

Erick, I agree with you that Trump's presidency is a farce. It is why he has the lowest approval rating of any president in history for the first year in office.

Erick: Since you have become infected with the Trump Derangement Syndrome, you have proven yourself to not be a credible source of commentary of the political scene. "With Trump’s arrival into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, most liberals excepting those on college campuses have doubled down on the defense of the First Amendment as President Trump and his supporters spend time daily assaulting the amendment

The singular focus of Conservatives should be policy that works. After that, everything is secondary, including the President. And since most of the policies that work aren't even coming from the President in the first place, I no longer see the need to keep this maniac in charge. A resignation would be nice and easy, but that's not going to happen. He isn't leaving us any option, we have to join Democrats in an impeachment.

I think you try to paint yourself as an objective observer but you’re suffering from the same Trump Derangment Syndrome as Democrats. The reality is that Trump in one year has kept more promises and pushed a more conservative agenda than Bush did in 8. You’re too focused on the daily antics part of which is the result of the media being completely anti-Trump (oh wait, am I not allowed to say that because that is an attack on the press?). On immigration, I don’t think it matters that the kids of certain immigrants get college degrees at higher rates than Americans, it’s whether the immigration is good for Americans. You’re busy touting DACA recipients. The top profession for DACA recipients is food prep. They commit crimes at higher rates than Americans (in fact, all the bills that have been proposed allow them to stay if they have committed up to 3 misdemeanors). If they’re so much better than Americans, why do they need an allowance for 3 misdemeanors? I’m willing to go the compromise route, but I think any DACA deal needs to include funding for a wall, and other border and interior enforcement measures or we should start deporting them and their parents (contrary to what people like you say, they will do great in their home countries because they (I assume) know English and got a better education than they would have back home.

Good article Erick. Ignore the haters and Trump cultists... they're the ones who truly have a derangement syndrome.


Apparently all those petulantly accusing Eric of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome don't read this website very often. He -- and other Resurgent regulars -- have labored heroically since the inauguration (I'd even argue, gone a bit overboard, at times) to commend Donald Trump when he has "done good". Even this piece points out the President's several, stellar accomplishments of the last twelve months. What is on display from those attacking Eric for daring to take issue with our Prez, is simply more proof that there exists a pro-Trump contingent which simply will not allow criticism of "their guy" under any circumstances. We saw its mirror-image on display from the Left for two terms regarding Barack Obama. Now it is my fellow-right wingers turn to model reflective, even irrational, parochialism toward the one they elected. Call it cult-like "Trump worship". It's terrifying and heartbreaking when issuing from alleged conservatives, and even worse, alleged Christians.

Erick, you forget to use the 'ALLEGEDLY'. You used it once in this article, but did not use Allegedly at all today (1/17) on the radio...you made a NY Post story from an interview from 10 Years ago SOUND LIKE THE GOSPEL. Allegedly, Mike Gallagher said repeatedly this morning, is NOT BEING USED by the Fake News MSM and maybe not by my favorite guy on AM 750. I continue to Pray for You and Your Family. God is GOOD. He also disciplines us in order that we might become disciples. I urge you to enter into your Daily Quiet Time by casting Satan out of your house, your heart and your mind in the NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

BTW, I don't worship Trump, I just Applaud him. If he said 'Sh*t Hole', so what?? He was right, we all agree on that. If he screwed some porn slut, he's a sinner and pretty normal these days (I mean who hasn't?) Trump is still a better choice that Satan's Mistress Hillary Clinton. (wonder what she and Podesta do when they're at the coven?) DB

Wake up. Trump was an outsider, outside. Cruz was an insider, outside. (f the people had known at the beginning of the campaign what was known at the end, two or three other Republicans might have beat Hillary, Trump did. Could Cruz stand up against the establishment, the media, and the swamp? The leak about the language was a move to set up the race card so the Democrats could get what they want. The open border candidates in the Republican primary were some of the first to go. The economy, cutting regulations, reforming the tax code is not a mirage. Minority unemployment is the lowest in years. Trump said he would sign a bill from all those at the open meeting, not six senators. There can be a difference between a five second answer and a five minute or more answer, The head of DHS said the meeting was loud and people were talking over one another. How patient are you, when people change the subject to something that doesn't apply? The media does no favor when people depend on the them to help make a good decision, and they give biased news. I don't life vulgar language but you have to be very direct with some of these people. Trump caused the false alarm in Hawaii? Global warming was an issue for Martin Luther King Jr. King's family know less about him than the public? Drinking and smoking has nothing to do with health?