For Many, Many Americans, Max Boot’s Solution Has Its Own Problem

Max Boot has a very interesting piece today about the GOP’s Stockholm Syndrome.

And he is correct in much of what he says. The GOP continues to condone bad behavior and has been providing aid and comfort to any moral cretin who champions Trumpism — including felons now intent to run for office.

Boot’s solution is a simple one.

It becomes ever harder to disagree with the verdict of foreign-policy sage Robert Kagan, like me an erstwhile Republican, who writes that the GOP in its current form is doomed and that Republicans who cannot stomach Trumpism “should change their registration and start voting for Democratic moderates and centrists, as some Republicans did in Virginia recently, to give them a leg up in their fight against the party’s left wing.” As I’ve explained before, I have my qualms about the Democratic Party, which is lurching to the left, but I am done, done, done with the GOP after more than 30 years as a loyal Republican.

For many, many Americans that is not possible. As bad as the GOP is, the Democratic Party is openly hostile now to people of sincere faith and to those committed to the cause of life, even among the ranks of the supposed moderates. The GOP may have become a party of moral midgets, but the Democratic Party demands bakers be forced against their will to provide for religious ceremonies that break their faith1 and it props up organizations that harvest children from their mother’s wombs and sell the parts. Then they lie about it, deny it, and claim unedited video tapes were doctored.

If the choice is between one or the other, many of us will find another option, which may include casting a vote for someone who is not viable. But many of us will look at the two disasters and choose the one that is not harvesting the body parts of children then using government power to cover it up and excuse it.

We could vote for all the moderates we want, but that still won’t get us a moderate Supreme Court Justice from the Democrats and it still won’t stop the growing culture of death and secularization that has taken over the Democratic Party. Is the GOP insane? Yes. But let’s not think the Democrats are any better just because the issues Max cares about are not regularly stepped upon by Democrat elites. We do not all share the same prioritization of issues.

The answer here, it seems to me, is that we need both sides, or at least His Majesty Anthony Kennedy, to recognize that federalism is the right approach and we should all be left to our own devices, cultures, and morals in our own communities by both parties. But neither party is really willing to do that.