FIRST IMPRESSION: The GOP’s Tax Reform Package Kinda Sucks

If I have a recurring criticism of Republicans in Congress it is this: they always seem to start their negotiations at where they want to end up, so they always wind up with less than the bare minimum they wanted.

The just released Republican tax reform plan kinda sucks. It is not very bold. I was really expecting more. Yes, I was expecting more even from this group of Republicans. I’d like to say I support it. I very much like the framework the House GOP released and I think even this heads in the right direction. But my initial impression is it kinda sucks and, to be honest, I was going to write here that I still think it should pass despite thinking it kinda sucks. Then I read this. It makes me wonder what else is in the legislation. And, honestly, I hate the idea of this “bubble tax.” So while I’d like to support it and intended to support it here, the article on the “bubble tax” makes me think I need to wait and see what other fine points are in the legislation. Let’s face it, a plan may be great, but the legislation is what matters.