Firing Scott Pruitt Will Only Embolden the Left

Scott Pruitt is being targeted because he is effective. The President needs to stand behind Pruitt.

It is an open secret in Washington that a leftwing opposition research firm has hired investigators to dig into Trump Administration officials. It is no coincidence that many of the accusations, like with former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, involve private air travel and the like. It is what these investigators focus on to give the media easy stories.

There really is not much unusual about that and, frankly, given the outrageous hostility of the left and the ongoing, targeted harassment of Trump Administration officials, private air travel makes a ton of sense for the other passengers and the Cabinet level official.

But here we are with Scott Pruitt. The left is out to get him not because he has done anything wrong, but because he is highly effective. Pruitt has not, contrary to media accusations, abused the use of private aviation. Likewise, he is paying a rent that career EPA bureaucrats have determined is "reasonable fair market value." Contrary to press reports, the landlord has no business before the EPA and there is no conflict of interest.

What the press is doing is waging war, as part of the resistance, against President Trump and his highly effective cabinet level personnel. Scott Pruitt has been ruthlessly effective at rolling back EPA regulations, CAFE standards, and the like. As a result, this leftwing opposition research group has dumped its oppo package on reporters, spoon feeding them information into easily digestible stories.

There are kernels of truth. Yes, the EPA Administrator flew on private planes. Yes, the EPA Administrator rents from a lobbyist. The media is playing those up and ignoring that no, the trips were not abusive and no the rent is not a conflict of interest or below fair market value.

If President Trump fires Scott Pruitt, he will embolden the left and have handed them a huge win against one of the most effective members of the Trump Cabinet. Conservatives absolutely need to stand with the Scott Pruitt. President Trump needs to stand with Scott Pruitt.

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I agree that Pruitt is being targeted by the left because he is effective in undoing the mission of the EPA. Where I disagree with you, Erick, is that I also think he is a scum bag. $50 rent per night? In D.C., where that could hardly get you a room in a flop house? If that is market value, then why could he not rent from a landlord who is not also a lobbyist? Drain the swamp? Please. Pruitt, Price and the rest of Trump's live-it-high-off-the-taxpayers'- hog cabinet members sure look like a bunch of crocodiles to me.


frank>>Two words for you-trump idolater!!