Feminist Kate Harding Defends Al Franken Because Tribalism Reigns Supreme

If you are a woke politician, this feminist seems to think you should be given a pass on sexual assault because Republicans are not nice.

Of course. Of course. Because she thinks the GOP is terrible, feminist Kate Harding is perfectly okay keeping Al Franken in the Senate.

She also thinks that Al Franken in the Senate is good for women. Her basic argument boils down to sexual assault gets a pass if the politician doing it is woke enough. This reminds me of the feminists in the nineties who claimed Monica Lewinsky was actually empowered, not pressured, and they would have gladly gotten on their knees to thank Bill Clinton for all he had done for feminism.

Now, keep in ind that this woman is a feminist who claims to study rape culture, so she's angry and nuts to begin with, but it is nice to see someone in her position come out and declare this given that many on the left were smart enough to be quiet or attack Franken trying to take the moral high ground. Harding is just ready to give it all away.