FBI Now Looking Into Eric Greitens. He Needs to be Impeached.

Eric Greitens is a stain on the moral credibility of Missouri Republicans and risks the Democrats taking the Senate.

People under oath testified about what Eric Greitens did to a woman. It was awful. But he won't resign as Governor of Missouri. Greitens is also accused of a host of other matters and his defense now seems to be that the Missouri legislature cannot impeach him unless he is found guilty of crimes by a court of law.

That's actually not true and it is an abdication of responsibility of Missouri's legislature, which has the power to impeach a governor for moral turpitude. To suggest the courts must get involved is to abdicate the Article I impeachment power to another branch of government.

As Greitens is trying to claim the legislature cannot impeach him, the FBI has now stepped in to investigate him for possibly attempting to bribe members of the legislature to stop them from impeaching him.

Two state Republican lawmakers told CNN they were contacted and interviewed in recent weeks by FBI agents, who asked whether they were aware of any threats and bribes made on behalf of the governor regarding an impeachment vote.

One of the lawmakers, who met with an agent in Jefferson City, said they told the FBI they were not directly aware of any such incidents. The second lawmaker declined to discuss their responses to FBI questioning.

The second lawmaker also said the FBI's questioning suggested investigators' interest is not limited solely to possible threats and bribes, although that was one focus.

Eric Greitens is facing felony charges relating to misuse of a charitable donor list. Then there's the woman who claims Greitens tied her up. The Missouri Republicans risk losing the Senate seat there because of Greitens' taint. They risk losing their majority. But more importantly, they risk losing any moral credibility they have left. Greitens must go.

Who the heck does Eric Grietens think he is? He made it to Lt. Commander in the Navy Seals and won the Missouri governorship election. Good for him. So then he just turns around and becomes the biggest delta bravo governor in America (since Christie isn't around anymore) and then turns into a petty despot clinging to office like a 3rd world dictator? I can't figure this one out. Eric Grietens, resign already. You're an embarrassment


Since Christie isn't around? You consider Chris Christie a larger delta braco than Eric Greitens?

Damn it Posobiec. Linking to a cuck Erik Erickson article.

So sad. I know a lot of people in Missouri and it would be a solid and continuous red state... if it weren't for stuff like this.

As a Missourian, I agree. He must be impeached. He is a smudge on the State’s, and by association the people’s, reputation. His actions prove that the State’s best interests aren’t even on his radar. After the MS senate and VA gubernatorial races a few years back and the 2016 MO caucus, I’m finished with the GOP, both state and national. Won’t vote for Billy Long or Roy Blunt, and my State rep I’m on the fence about. Up ‘til 6 years ago, I would vote consistently R.