Erik, you are right. I'm a registered Independent, have since since I first registered to vote 52 years ago, and I hate the man in the Presidency's guts. We have not had such a divided country since the Civil War. To say it has nothing to do with Trump's insulting crudeness and lack of character, his arrogance, his saying one thing one day and saying another the next, and his enjoyment of conflict and chaos within his own staff and between the American people would be sophistry of the worst kind. His policies - I find some favor with some and absolute disagreement with others. There is an emotional malaise that has set on the country. The man has exhausted us emotionally as he plays us against each other. There is a passage in Psalms that says, "may his days be short, and his office taken by another." I speak of his time in office and not his life. He has activated me as never before, to end his time and those who think like him, in office.