Emboldened by the Alex Jones Mess, The Left is Trying to Deplatform Dana Loesch

Loesch made a bit of commentary and the left is exaggerating it to go after the NRA.

Has anyone actually seen the Dana Loesch video about Thomas the Train? I have. [USA Today says it was…

For those of you who have not seen her monologue, let me give you the summary. According to Loesch, the producers of Thomas the Train have decided they need to add diversity to the show because the trains are all products of white culture. So they've specifically designed one train to appear in traditional African styling with a darker face than the blue trains with gray faces. As Dana points out, there is one white dude in the entire program -- the man the trains all work for. And now they are seemingly introducing a African styled train to also work for that white guy. None of the other trains actually represent a race, racism, or whiteness. They're just blue trains with gray faces.