Emboldened by the Alex Jones Mess, The Left is Trying to Deplatform Dana Loesch

Loesch made a bit of commentary and the left is exaggerating it to go after the NRA.

Has anyone actually seen the Dana Loesch video about Thomas the Train? I have. USA Today says it was angry. No, actually it is clear Dana thought the whole thing absurd.

For those of you who have not seen her monologue, let me give you the summary. According to Loesch, the producers of Thomas the Train have decided they need to add diversity to the show because the trains are all products of white culture. So they've specifically designed one train to appear in traditional African styling with a darker face than the blue trains with gray faces. As Dana points out, there is one white dude in the entire program -- the man the trains all work for. And now they are seemingly introducing a African styled train to also work for that white guy. None of the other trains actually represent a race, racism, or whiteness. They're just blue trains with gray faces.

To highlight the absurdity of it at the end, her graphics team put KKK hoods on the blue trains with gray faces to highlight how the producers must see those trains.

There was no anger involved. But this has become a major media controversy with not a single story highlighting Loesch was pointing out absurdity. She wasn't angry about it. She wasn't railing against it. She just thought it was dumb and another example of liberals turning non-racial things into racial controversies. It was fair criticism, even if you disagree with her point. It was completely within the bounds of acceptable views. Here's what she said:

"Am I to understand this entire time that Thomas and his trains were white? Because they all have gray faces. How do you bring ethnic diversity? I mean they had to paint what I guess they thought was some sort of African pattern on the side of Nia's engine."

But the left, led by Media Matters, is out to deplatform Dana Loesch and the NRA. They've been pushing Apple to take the NRA app off Apple TV for some time. They are emboldened by the Alex Jones situation and are pushing even harder now. They have every incentive to play up every controversy and twist it to make it worse than it is. They have gotten USA Today and other media outlets to take the bait on this -- many of them outlets that had already questioned Apple keeping the NRA platform.

This is the logical outcome of the media going after Alex Jones. Now they'll go after other conservative outlets. Media Matters is also pushing for climate change skeptics to be censored and others. Alex Jones was the beginning, not a one off thing.

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Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Anne Coulter had the same approach to pumping her brand.

It's pretty simple:

  1. Say outrageous, awful, racist, nasty things that will cause normal people to be outraged.

  2. Expect, correctly, that the non-Trump press will cover this like crazy, eager for an example of "what the Republicans are doing today".

  3. Expect, correctly, that the Republican political and pundit class will whitewash whatever it was.

  4. Expect, correctly, that the Republican donor class will just chalk it up to more dogwhistles that get them the votes they need to pass their tax cuts.

  5. Expect, correctly, that Deplorables will feast on the "own the libs" nature of said offensive statements, and will gobble up the offender's books, page views, and so forth.

This works pretty well and it goes on for quite a while before it runs out of gas. It took Anne Coulter a good five years before she fizzled out. She made a fortune in the mean time.


She's just pissed because they didn't include an incel train, armed to the teeth, ready to go on a rampage at the roundhouse.


De-platforming? Emboldened controversy escalation? Alex Jones, Media Matters?

That's a lot of smoke to throw up around the simple fact that a popular conservative used her platform to bitch about a show for toddlers adding a black character, for the plausible reason of wanting to sell more toys to black kids. And liberals.

Looks like their bet is that they will do just fine without conservatives who get excercised about a toy company figuring out how to make one of their toys black.

Did I miss the episode where Loesch complains that trains don't talk or carry out their tasks autonomously? Was that last week? Because those things are absurd too.


I didn't have to search too hard to find out that there have already been train characters of different ethnic nationalities on this series. For Dana to carp about a Nigerian train character was not smart. And adding the KKK hoods? Dana and NRA TV deserve whatever they get for doing something so dumb.


Of course, the notion of a gun rights (/gun manufacturer) lobby group weighing in on editorial/creative choices made by a kids' show isn't assessed in this article. The observation "They have every incentive to play up every controversy and twist it to make it worse than it is." is applicable to culture war grievance-mongering by the NRA about a kids' TV show trying, however clumsily, to be more "inclusive" so they too can sell toys.

A show exists to market toys. To little kids. Thomas is a show for toddlers. The producers of the show decide to put a brown face on one of the "characters" so that (a presumably growing and under-tapped audience of) kids with brown faces will see a face that looks like theirs on the show, so that maybe they might like the show and their parents might buy the toys. Not because their cultural turpitude requires them to proclaim white people or trains are bad or racist. This is capitalism. It can be confusing for conservatives because it also involves creativity and imagination.

Oops--the characters are trains that haven't previously had a racial identity. Well, that's clumsy. Quick, let's have a PC-temper tantrum about it, then show an image of the toys with Klan hoods on. We can park this right next to the super-important grievance that rappers get to say the n-word but whites don't, or a black James Bond. It's astounding that conservatives don't understand why they look like angry creeps when they do stuff like this.