Dreamers For a Wall

The President needs to offer the Democrats something to get them to agree to wall funding.

The President, if he wants his wall, is going to have to trade something to the Democrats for it. The Democrats think they can win on the wall shutdown because (1) they have polling showing most Americans are opposed to it and (2) they have the media to spin for them.

But the President has a loyal base who want the wall, and he is okay with a shutdown too because his base will be okay with not paying federal bureaucrats over Christmas among other things. A shutdown seems likely.

However, the President and his supporters want a wall, and I am not convinced the Democrats want citizenship for dreamers. They seem to want the issue more than they want the issue resolved. Just last year the President and Democrats nearly agreed on the wall for dreamer citizenship. I think the President needs to consider a variant on this now.

Offer dreamers the right to stay in the country without threat of deportation in exchange for the wall. Don't offer up citizenship. They get the right to stay, and they no longer have to live in the shadows. They get residency without citizenship. The President doesn't even have to offer up a path to citizenship. He needs to remove the threat of deportation.

Then toss it to the Democrats. They can either reject it and let dreamers live with the fear of deportation. Or they can take it and fund the wall as well. Make it their choice.

This is the President's last best chance to get the wall going. He needs to offer something, and I think this is the way to move it forward.

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You have to offer a path to citizenship. It might not be immediate citizenship, but that path has to be there. A quicker path for military service makes sense as we basically offered something like that already and have even given filipinos in the past a path to us citizenship via military service. However, I can't think of anything as Un-American as permaneant underclass of people who will never be fully integrated in the U.S. That's something a country like Saudi Arabia would do.

If that desire is being driven by fear of electorate landslide, it's the greatest shame there is. I grew up when it was solidly understood that most immigrants were natural GOP voters, including many Hispanics. Poor immigrants as rule almost always come from much more conservative cultures. They believe in the American Dream, and the value of hard work. Something Republicans used to credibly argue with liberals about. While the defenders of the GOP say that immigrants have turned against the GOP because of the freebies purportedly offered by Democrats, this is just not true. You only need to look at the voting shift among asian-americans a group who are hardly in need of these "freebies". The GOP as it stands right now has really painted itself into corner with regard to most non-whites.


If the President is going to take this kind of deal he needs to get all the funding up front not just the initial 5 billion down payment.

Still Jules
Still Jules

Offer citizenship to anyone completing at least one full term of military duty, honorably. No citizenship to anyone else.

We need to draw the line. There are so many illegals in the country now, we have to stop it somewhere. And it will not be an ideal solution, no matter what.

So: No more anchor babies. Period. We are stuck with those born here already declared citizens but as of January 1, 2019, simply being born here will not convey citizenship. I don't like that this has gone on for so long, but we can't unring the bell, so I think we are stuck with this.

Pass some new laws. The first would be that being here illegally is a felony, with a substantial penalty, including no possibility of ever coming back here, even as a tourist. That would go into effect on the last day of a 90-day period in which illegals can register and receive temporary visas, so anyone who did not register will be guilty of a felony at the end of the registration period.

The temporary visas would be good until the people have passed investigation---that is, employed and not been arrested for a serious crime. At that point a long term work visa would be granted. When that is ready to expire, the person can either apply for permanent residency or go back home. No citizenship, ever. No chain immigration. If they are legal, they can go back home to visit family. Participating in anti-American protests or activities will disqualify anyone from being allowed to stay. We don't want people here who don't like or respect this country, and have no responsibility to tolerate them. This kind of activity will also void any existing visa.

This plan would (1) allow those who "only want a better life" who are being productive residents to continue doing so, (2) encourage self-deportation of those who have been arrested or who for some reason are afraid to register and (3) make it clear that while we feel some responsibility for establishing a bird feeder kind of system that encouraged people to come here illegally, and are trying to live up to that responsibility, changes are being made.


I don’t want any “ deal” that costs us poor taxpayers any more money. I do not want to be supporting “ dreamers”.


JASmius In February 2018, the Senate voted on 4 version of an immigration bill and none of them passed. See this Vox article from February 15, 2008 for details:

“The Senate put 4 immigration bills up for a vote. They all failed”

This is the description in the Vox article for the bill you refer to:

“It failed 54 to 45. Democrats almost unanimously backed the plan, along with eight Republicans. But the rest of the GOP conference and a handful of Democrats blocked the bill.”

Trump favored a bill back by Senator Grassley that also eliminated the diversity lottery program and cut back on family integration (i.e. chain migration). I don’t believe any of the 4 Senate ever passed in the House and it is possible none of them would have.

Because Trump wanted these added features, he offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants, which is significantly higher than the estimated number of DACA cases being about 700K.

Time will tell if Trump is bluffing on a government shutdown. But I would not count on it if I were you. The right answer is to wait and see.