Donate to the NRA Today

At a time the NRA is getting unfairly condemned with slander and lies, we should stand up and support them.

I do not always see eye to eye with the NRA. If anything, I think they sometimes compromise to maintain the veneer of bipartisanship at times I wish they would fight. But they are also an organization that trains Americans on how to responsibly exercise their second amendment rights. They are also an organization that works to protect the second amendment. They are also an organization being demonized by the left and the American media right now.

To believe much of the media coverage, the NRA killed people in Florida. In fact, NRA members save lives. They do not take lives.

I donated to the NRA last night. My wife is a member of the NRA. I hope you will join me in supporting the NRA at this time.

The minute the NRA jumped on the Trump train, I stopped donating to them. As long as they worship at Trump's feet, I will not give them any more money. I can be both pro second amendment and anti Trump at the same time.

The NRA backed Trump against Hillary - they are a one issue group, they will support the candidate who is pro 2nd amendment. Let Donald Trump start carving up the 2nd amendment and they will not be for him. Your 'anyone who agrees with Trump on anything' attitude is really counterproductive. I will not let an organization that defends my civil rights, trains safe gun owners, promotes safe and responsible gun ownership and has no other agenda be a victim of lies because of an illogical moral equivalency. Donate to the NRA - they are fighting for us. And yes I am a life member, and they have given democrats A ratings as well as republicans.

With all due respect to Erik and the NRA I would give my money to GOA (Gun Owners of America). They never compromise on 2nd Amendment issues as the NRA sometimes does to appear conciliatory. And when the NRA goes into hiding after a shooting like what just happened in Florida they are on TV wherever they can be. They are unrelenting in protecting the 2nd Amendment.