Donald Trump's Staff Have Failed Him. Maybe Kelly Does Need to Go.

Anderson Cooper conducted a powerful interview with Jennie Willoughby. It is clear the President's staff failed him.

I have not written about the Rob Porter situation for two reasons. First, because I am at the point of not really being surprised by this sort of thing coming from this White House. Second, because I thought the story still was developing. It definitely has been. Anderson Cooper conducted a powerful interview with Jennie Willoughby last night. It is not just that she is credible. It is that there is photographic evidence of Rob Porter's abuse against his first wife in addition to the evidence of abuse against Willoughby. I think it is abundantly obvious now that President Trump's staff have failed him.

Rob Porter downplayed allegations about spousal abuse and, both frankly and bluntly, there have been so many people crying wolf about everything related to President Trump, I do not really blame the White House staff for taking the position that Rob Porter should not be condemned through just allegations. That is fair and reasonable.

Unfortunately, this article in the Washington Post asserts that one of Porter's ex-girlfriends works for the Trump Administration and flagged the issue of Porter's behavior to the White House counsel. The story also asserts that General Kelly was perfectly willing to let Rob Porter stay on the job even after seeing the photo of Porter's ex-wife with a black eye caused by Porter's assault.

Shah said Kelly was not “fully aware” of the alleged spousal abuse until Wednesday, when he saw the pictures of Holderness with a black eye. But White House officials said Kelly pushed Porter to stay in the job even after the release of the photos.

Then there is this story at the Daily Beast that asserts Donald Trump's staff got Senator Orrin Hatch to release a statement in defense of Porter by telling Hatch that Corey Lewandowski was trying to smear Porter.

The White House officials told Hatch’s office that the story was the product of a “smear campaign” being orchestrated against Porter by his political enemies. Among those they pinpointed was former Trump campaign manager (and current outside adviser to the president) Corey Lewandowski, according to two sources familiar with the conversations. Multiple White House staffers told Hatch himself that Lewandowski “was digging into Rob’s previous marriages,” recalled one source, who said Porter himself was among the officials who fingered Lewandowski.

One consistency in all the articles is that no one bothered to tell the President of the United States that he had on staff a trusted advisor who had beaten up two different ex-wives. None of them told the President even after the FBI flagged the issue last year. This is just malpractice. This is a disservice to the President of the United States. This is dragging the President into a distracting scandal about which he had no role and no knowledge. Rob Porter was not even his guy. Orrin Hatch recommended Porter to Trump.

As for General Kelly, he is the man charged with bring normalcy and stability to the White House and he let an unstable spousal abuser roam the halls. If the press report is accurate (and I realize that is a big if these days), Kelly was willing to keep the guy even after the picture was released of Porter's ex-wife's black eye. This is completely unacceptable. Kelly is in his position to keep stuff like this from happening and he let this happen.

The drumbeat against Kelly by Ivanka and others has begun and he seems to already be distracted. He and other staff at the White House have done a grave disservice to the President in this matter. Maybe it is time for Kelly to go. But if so, it appears it would be past time for several others to go as well.

Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone


Have you ever chastised someone in public? Have you ever disciplined an employee in front of their peers? Have you ever put out untruths about someone or simply repeated them to others? No you did not hit them but you probably hurt them much worse mentally.

But Gorsuch!

I think you're right when the consequence of an allegation is the deprivation of liberty (jail). I also know that I don't know anyone who's ever beaten their wife, or been accused publicly or privately of sexual misconduct. I certainly never have! My point is that our country deserves better. We deserve people in those very few, influential positions in the White House who are beyond allegations of criminality. Nobody could make a credible criminal allegation against me, my husband, or anyone I know. My guess is the same for you. Why should we settle for clearly flawed people in the highest positions? If someone can't get a security clearance, well, I think they shouldn't be allowed to serve.

For many employers, if the employee can do the job, what is done in private and can be kept private doesn't matter. Some employers know but give second and third chances. Without a through investigation the truth can not be found. How does one know if another has repented or forgave? Clinton and Obama need to ask forgiveness from the American people, their actions were from the misuse of political power. The actions have great impact. The acts of Trump might be horrible, but deal with fewer people, and did not have the political power. A picture can say a lot, but will it say if it was intentional or an accident? We now have photo shop. There needs to be a statute of limitations on anything less than a major felony.

Kelly either knew or should have known about Porter's past. Either way he failed in his duty to protect the office of the President. Ot

It looks as though there is no redemption to a mistake. Maybe this Porter guy has a real anger management issue or maybe he just picks women who can drive a man to the limit. Did he give her the black eye or did something else happen. I remember the I Love Lucy episode where Ricky tossed Lucy a book and gave her a black eye. Fred an Ethel assumed it was violence until Fred tossed Ethel a book and hit her in the eye. How do we know it was not an accident and now these exwives are exacting some payback. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Women can also be brutal people. Just look at the bullying on Facebook and other social media. I am not defending the guy but there are two sides to every story. Both may have been intoxicated when it happened.

If you care about the country, then the last thing you want to see is John Kelly going. He is one of the stars in the Trump Administration along with James Mattis and Nikki Haley. There are plenty of mainstream media people who want to see John Kelly go because that would weaken the Trump Presidency. Agreeing with such media people is dumb.


The whole point of bringing in men like John Kelly, James Mattis and Jeff Sessions was to lend a very illegitimate and non-serious President and his nowhere going Administration an air of stability but Generals cannot buy an agenda, nonsense breeds more nonsense and the simple fact that they're tripping over eachother to keep a wife-beater on payroll means that they have failed and they should all be fired and so should this President. He only hires the best people and if this is the best he can do, than clearly his best is not good enough.

2 years ago: Mr. Kelly has previously played down accusations against someone he believed served a greater goal. He appeared as a character witness in a 2016 court-martial of a Marine colonel accused of sexually harassing two female subordinates. Mr. Kelly praised the colonel as a “superb Marine officer.”

"FBI flagged the issue last year."

Trumpsters will roll their eyes at this. To them, law enforcement is the enemy.

I agree that total scoundrels have no business in places as hallowed as the White House and if true, Porter rightly needed to go. Clean them all out I say...
However, that being said, I find it fascinating that this same press, politicians and politicos in the DC establishment who are whining and are outraged about the Porter situation said NOTHING when Clinton was in the White House - a man who was credibly accused of rape and other abuses of women. These same people still keep their hypocritical lips shut about their ardent support of such a "scoundrel". They are phonies and fakes. Anyone who supports these people (and people like them) are equally fake, phonies and hypocrites in my estimation.
Before you out there say he's ancient history, don't you believe it. The Clinton's still hold influence and are part of the detestable Washington Establishment - (the "Deep State" if you will) - truly an enemy of the people. If you don't believe me, note that the fix was in when Hilary clearly violated the Espionage Act and still has yet escaped prosecution. If it were you or I we would be in jail right now.
So, while scoundrels need to be cleaned out of any administration position of power, if they exist be outraged - but be genuinely outraged. NOT just outraged out of convenience - like the other fakes, phonies and hypocrites.


I have a problem with all of the dids, didn'ts, should haves and could haves. How much time for verification after viewing a resume or or job application? How big a time period do you look at? Do you ask 10, 100, or 1000 questions? How far do you go into domestic and personal questions that don't involve the job? I How much time to prove or disprove the allegations, if the people have no contact?


Rushing to judgment usually has bad results. One thing with harassers and abusersis they create enough doubt to skate for awhile. I doubt Kelley had much invested in protecting porter. He will get burned by this no doubt. It’s going to suck giving bad info to theCOS and Boss after this.

Newt for Chief of Staff

That would really make all the never Trump and Rinos happy.

To BenjaminD. Kelly has shown no such thing. the Washington Post writes an article, the author of this piece writes what he thinks, and you think Kelly is at fault. He turned his messaging around when he got all the facts, and he stuck by an employee until he had reason not to. I would have done the same as Kelly, until I had reason to not defend one of my employees, also. I read another article, today, that suggests that most of the people in the West Wing were as shocked to find out about Porter, because they all thought very highly of him, and couldn't reconcile the two faces of the same man. I doubt you know the real story any better than I, just like the circumstances behind all those allegations in the Alabama special senatorial election. Keep up the good work on speculating, though. That's what this type of platform is good about.

The succulent smell of cover up surrounding Porter brings that same repugnant stench that followed Huma Abedin. I have tremendous admiration for General Kelly and I’ve felt from the beginning that a man of his character would best serve the American people and himself in a different capacity. I believe that the current climate in Washington, specifically at The White House is particularly disheartening to him.

said NOTHING when Clinton was in the White House