Donald Trump, Jr. Is Absolutely Right on This

To quote Donald Trump, Jr., "Steve is not a strategist, he is an opportunist." Could not have said it better.

Yesterday, as Steve Bannon struck his match to burn down Washington and burned himself down instead, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted this:

I have a number of good friends who worked for Andrew Breitbart and his website. When Andrew died and Steve took over, things deteriorated. Just like with Donald Trump, Bannon stood on Breitbart's shoulders to advance himself and now does so with Mercer money, or at least did. He was petty and mean. The horror stories are legion.

Matt Drudge calls Bannon schizophrenic. I have had others who have worked with him on issues call him bipolar, willing to turn his mood on a dime for no apparent reason. The reality is it takes a particular form of megalomania to be the primary source on a book savaging the man who made you a household name.

To quote Donald Trump, Jr., "Steve is not a strategist, he is an opportunist." Could not have said it better.

Clodagh. The GOP was noble when it was fighting for civil rights, while all teh time being undercut by opportunists like Trump and Bannon, and many other politicians who would run on noble causes, but all too often fail to do what they promised.
There is still a strong base of people within the Republican party that are trying to move the party and the country in that direction. But make no mistake, civil rights and the welfare state are incompatible.

Bannon losing his head over the Alabama loss, or disagreeing with the family two different things. In general egos and politics are not separated. Opportunist is a giant word in politics After eight years of Obama and eight years of a Clinton seventeen Republicans wanted the opportunity.. The stage was set for an outsider with money and name identification. Many people felt ignored after the 2010, and 2014 elections. Trump won because too many ran, Hillary lost because she and Obama had a record and were arrogant. The election might have been decided early by the silent majority. Trump won with the combination of all his advisers. In hind sight, how many Republicans could have defeated Hillary after the disclosure of all the e-mails and anything related to them? Compared to Bannon, the Trump family were political novices. Gathering information and investigating is part of politics, some leads come up dry. Almost everything starts with an appointment and meeting. Substance is the key and some meetings have little substance. One of the wraps against Trump is too much family involvement, an issue with Bannon.

Since when does Don Jr, hold any credence on honesty. I hated what Bannon did to Breitbart, and the Trump Humpers that took over the site. But, Don Jr, is no more closer to the truth than Trump. If, you want to go after Bannon fine, but I wouldn't hold Don Jr, up as my beacon to the truth.

Excuse me, but did Donald Trump Jr. just call another man an opportunist? Next.

It is always fansinating twitch how power and control and ruin an individual and turn him/her into a nightmare in progress.