Delta Has 40 Million Reasons to Walk Back Its NRA Rejection

Delta has chosen to side with social justice warriors against its shareholders and its own financial well being.

Delta has spent a great deal of time siding with leftwing social justice warriors in Georgia. It has opposed a state RFRA. It has opposed protections for faith based adoption agencies. It has opposed gun rights legislation. Time and time again, Delta has sided with social just warriors. It is now siding with them against the NRA, which is putting Delta on the wrong side of the one group it owes a legal obligation to, i.e. its shareholders.

Delta is a publicly traded company and its decision to publicly repudiate business with a popular, legal organization of considerable size has cost it a $40 million tax exemption it would otherwise have no later than today. For all of Delta's high minded rhetoric and claims about avoiding "controversial" groups, the NRA has a membership in excess of 5 million people whose sole crime is defending the second amendment to the constitution of the United States. Its members can and will choose to fly with other airlines when given the opportunity. Its supporters in the Georgia legislature are costing Delta tens of millions of dollars.

I suspect if Delta walks back its position, it will get its $40 million. Yes, it will have to suffer through more bad press and attacks from the left for caving to something it should have never caved to. It will probably need to fire several vice presidents in the process. But I suspect Delta will recognize the bad press in another few news cycles will be worth it for the $40 million in tax exemptions it is going to get. That money is real money Delta is currently paying when it buys fuel for its planes.

If Delta does not walk this back, it is going to be interesting to see how shareholders react knowing their company's management was more worried about offending social justice warriors than the financial wellbeing of the company.

Delta is so liberal at its top management. I know employees who fear their employment if they were to ever be outed as Conservative or Christian. Delta gives so much money to LGTQ...NGBIPQQFTMH.... remember when liberals cared more about the poor? I'm not surprised that they acted with a knee jerk reaction when confronted about the NRA. I am surprised they had a deal with their members to begin with.

So many cut off their nose to spite their face...


Spot on glad morning.

Believe me this is NOT your dads or granddad’s Delta Air Lines. Far from it. Their are pockets of the old Delta culture but that will be gone when the last of the old guard is totally gone. It is steeped in all far left socialist causes. Delta’s founding CEO C.E. Woman is rolling over in his grave.


Delta made bad/dumb move. They should reverse it and move forward. As someone wrote above, NRA is not the 2rd Amendment but it is the principle defender of that amendment. it is also the principle source for firearms safety and training. By the way NRA has killed no one, can that be said of Planned Parenthood. Do they have a discount deal with Delta?


The nra never wants to give an inch, or hear the word called compromise!!! It's always profit, power, position above all else!!! When a person, company, or organization is willing to lose profit over policy>>THAT AIN'T A BAD THING!!! Especially when the nra buys and sells people!!! They are not dads or granddad's nra!!! All you supporters, and members, are so fearful of the left it's pathetic!!! IT'S INDEPENDENT TIME!!!!

have to disagree with you Erick. NRA's sole purpose is to get people to buy guns. I am sure Delta looked at the sales figures and probably realise that the NRA don't use the discount that much anyway

Their response will be to raise ticket prices in places they have little competition, like Minnesota, where they took over Northwest, which had a monopoly here and now screws us every time we need to travel anywhere.

In this instance the consequences are dire indeed!

Emotion-based decisions never take consequences into consideration!

The problem is that Delta chose now to do it and make a public spectacle out of it. It if was a business decision, it would have just disappeared. No, Delta made a political decision and now will pay consequences whether they reverse course or not. I'm not a fan of way GA handles this. Either tax jet fuel or don't, but politics should never come into play, one way or the other. This is why companies that engage in hot button politics are always going to end up worse off. There should be no advantage to politics at all, but our entire economy is built on tax carveouts and special favors from the government, which stifles small and medium businesses and innovation.

Should we compromise our rights? You commented the NRA buys and sells people, by which I assume you mean politicians via political donations. Do a little research. SEIU has around 2 million members and donated almost $40 million in the 2016 election cycle. The American Federation of Teachers has about 1.7 million members and donated just under $34 million in 2016. 100% of the donations from both groups went to Democrats or liberals.

NRA has about 5 million members and donated under $2 million. Which organizations are buying and selling people?

BTW, it's the left that never wants to compromise. We've seen that for years. The left's attempt to force a boycott on the NRA inspired me to join it for 5 years. And I don't even own a BB gun.


delta discontinued a discount for NRA members. it shouldn't be picking winners and losers anyway. They don't deserve a tax break and nra members didn't deserve a discount. how do you think they pay for that discount? by charging more for non-nra members. I'm glad the state stepped in and did something. when companies make decisions like this they need to understand that the government will step up and take action.

Based on What?

Delta isn't ending a discount it gives to the NRA as an organization. It is ending a discount it gives to the members of that organization. That is a bad business move. I doubt people will start flying with Delta because of its stance, but 5 million people will stop flying with Delta because of it.

Perhaps we should start compromising on the First Amendment... Maybe the Fourth, too. Let's just Repeal the Nineteenth.

Well, delta has an inviting option. cuomo, gov of ny, invited them to move there!!! Sounds like a "marriage made in heaven!" Ya' can't fix stupid, now can ya'!

"For all of Delta's high minded rhetoric and claims about avoiding "controversial" groups, the NRA has a membership in excess of 5 million "?

Whoa! 5 MILLION members! In a country which has a population of 320+ million.
Scary! How can Delta possibly survive the backlash?