David Hogg Is A High School Bully

He is using his status as victim to inappropriately and ridiculously attack people while going unchallenged.

UPDATE: I'm bringing this back to the top of the site in light of today's news. Laura Ingraham apologized for pointing out that David Hogg has not getting into various colleges. He has refused to accept her apology and is bullying her advertisers into cutting off advertising. In fact, in a tweet, he said he refused to accept her apology unless certain conditions were met because he was sure she only cared about her advertisers.

Hogg has also, since this piece was published, referred to those who disagree with him as "pathetic f*ckers" and accused the NRA, Dana Loesch, and others of wanting to kill children. Hogg, ironically, has the support of Planned Parenthood, which actually does kill kids.

David Hogg is a bully.

He may be a survivor of the high school shooting in Parkland, FL, but he is using that position to avoid being challenged on his increasingly inane and hostile statements. He is using his position to bully others.

First, he slandered Dana Loesch on television without challenge. He accused her of a litany of terribles and a failure to support victims. He turns the NRA into murderers.

And now he's on television blaming the Governor of Florida for not stopping the shooter at the high school. Hogg will not blame the elected Sheriff. He will not blame the deputies who refused to go into the building. No, the real culprit is Rick Scott, the Governor, whose office is hundreds of miles away in Tallahassee. David Hogg wants Scott held accountable as the boss of the Sheriff and ignores that Sheriff Israel is elected.

David Hogg is a bully. He goes on television and knows he gets to use what happened to him as a shield to avoid criticism. The media allows him to attack all the targets the media would be attacking anyway. They do not question him or hold him accountable. It further emboldens him to attack others.

Again and again, his attacks are slanderous and without merit. He has a PR crafted Wikipedia page, he gets PR bookings on the news shows, and at some point someone should probably get the kid a grief counsellor instead of a TV gig. Regardless, what we are seeing is that no, high school kids are not people we should take seriously on any subject. If he cannot hold all the people who screwed up accountable because of his agenda and he accuses anyone who disagrees with him of hatred, he is not someone any of us should pay attention to.

David Hogg and kids like him have cornered conservatives like Erickson.

Everyone has a point of view. But it seems that you are making a hero of a child who is being used to denigrate anyone who disagrees with is comments. And anyone who takes the time to research what David Hogg is spouting as the utter truth and is not in the camp of the true left knows that he has been co-opted by the enemy’s of our country. They are using him and he is to young to fathom that they are. When his enablers are ready to move on to the next victim he will be dropped like a hot coal, and then the world will see if he is the talented person you espoused and can actually on his own sustain a worthwhile movement.

Wow. This got trolled by a bunch of liberals spewing their thoughts as the truth we know it. Pathetic and somwewhat inaccurate. Nice try. Not worthy of a response to the sacred words of a liberal (delusional and void of reality).

But it seems that you are making a hero of a child who is being used to denigrate anyone who disagrees with is comments.

Sounds incredible familiar. maybe he learned it from our president?

Just what I was thinking. Thank you.