David Hogg Is A High School Bully

He is using his status as victim to inappropriately and ridiculously attack people while going unchallenged.

UPDATE: I'm bringing this back to the top of the site in light of today's news. Laura Ingraham apologized for pointing out that David Hogg has not getting into various colleges. He has refused to accept her apology and is bullying her advertisers into cutting off advertising. In fact, in a tweet, he said he refused to accept her apology unless certain conditions were met because he was sure she only cared about her advertisers.

Hogg has also, since this piece was published, referred to those who disagree with him as "pathetic f*ckers" and accused the NRA, Dana Loesch, and others of wanting to kill children. Hogg, ironically, has the support of Planned Parenthood, which actually does kill kids.

David Hogg is a bully.

He may be a survivor of the high school shooting in Parkland, FL, but he is using that position to avoid being challenged on his increasingly inane and hostile statements. He is using his position to bully others.

First, he slandered Dana Loesch on television without challenge. He accused her of a litany of terribles and a failure to support victims. He turns the NRA into murderers.

And now he's on television blaming the Governor of Florida for not stopping the shooter at the high school. Hogg will not blame the elected Sheriff. He will not blame the deputies who refused to go into the building. No, the real culprit is Rick Scott, the Governor, whose office is hundreds of miles away in Tallahassee. David Hogg wants Scott held accountable as the boss of the Sheriff and ignores that Sheriff Israel is elected.

David Hogg is a bully. He goes on television and knows he gets to use what happened to him as a shield to avoid criticism. The media allows him to attack all the targets the media would be attacking anyway. They do not question him or hold him accountable. It further emboldens him to attack others.

Again and again, his attacks are slanderous and without merit. He has a PR crafted Wikipedia page, he gets PR bookings on the news shows, and at some point someone should probably get the kid a grief counsellor instead of a TV gig. Regardless, what we are seeing is that no, high school kids are not people we should take seriously on any subject. If he cannot hold all the people who screwed up accountable because of his agenda and he accuses anyone who disagrees with him of hatred, he is not someone any of us should pay attention to.

"attack people while going unchallenged."

No, you can challenge him. You just look like crap when you attack him personally, and that infuriates you, because personal attacks have become your normal tactic when dealing with anyone who disagrees with you.

There were other students at his high school. I'd like to hear their thoughts as well. As for David, he is rude, arrogant and ignorant.

Luke 22:35-38. "When I sent you without purse and scrip and shoes, did you want anything? But they said: Nothing. Then said He unto them: But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip: and he that hath not, let him sell his coat and buy a sword. For I say to you that this that is written must yet be fulfilled in Me. And with the wicked was he reckoned. For the things concerning Me have an end. But they said: Lord, behold, here are two swords. And He said to them: It is enough."

FYI: "scrip" means money. What He is telling them is that they are about to encounter evil, and in preparation for this they need to do whatever they need to do in order to prepare. He is saying that they need to reallocate their assets and "buy a sword". In Latin, "emat gladium".

Emat = buy, purchase, acquire, procure.
Gladium = sword.

My previous quote was courtesy of Ann Barnhardt's blog

Hogg is the perfect example why the Voting age needs to be raised back up to 21.


Doesn’t Hogg have finals to prepare for?

Or does he get educational credits towards graduation for his rabble rousing? (I refuse to call it “activism”)

“Princeton needs a man like Hogg” - Risky Business

I sat with students this week at a local high school for a Socratic seminar. They had just finished reading one of my novels in their AP English class. They were engaging, joyful, respectful, and as humble as eighteen-year-old students can be. After that session, they submitted more written questions to me via email, and thanked me for coming to their school and for being unafraid to proclaim Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my books. They weren't profane. They weren't seething with anger. They were thoughtful and measured in their analyses and observations. They didn't pretend to have the answers. They were seeking them as I did at their age, as I still do now. They are the future, I pray. They asked me what one thing I would do differently if I could. My answer was...meet Jesus sooner. That is my advice to young Mr. Hogg. The world will use you and abuse you. He will never leave you or forsake you.


David Hogg is indoctrinated, ignorant puppet of the left , bully. Many of the protesters are flakes, as they are not clean and pure like a snowflake.. If he doesn't do it himself, he wants to aid intimidation by brute force. There was a student bomb maker in St. George Utah. A stabbing in Palm Beach Florida. With the record uncovered, it is hard to believe that knives were not a problem in Parkland.. No guns give aid to vandalism and trashing. Students burned to death by being locked into a theater. People with ideology of Isis can attack schools.. These students have only been taught the politically correct version of history and little or no civics. Study of sexual orientation and race don't help qualify for a job. Many in high school operate om emotions as they have not confronted the reality of life. They are not responsible for others. Very few can see the reality when still under the roof of a parent or parents.

You were in an AP class, a group not known for making trouble. It is almost impossible to make a general statement to fit all. Hopefully these students will not change for the worse when they hit college or university. Our adult leaders are responsible for what is offered in the education system.

I apologize for the length.

I read a piece by you today, something introspective. It was called "How to Find the Higher Ground." In it, you state: "We owe it to one another to disagree agreeably without anger or intimidation. A little more grace could go a long way toward healing the nation."

I pray your wife is doing better, and that you're also in good health.

David Hogg is a 17-year-old teenager. A very intelligent teenager, but still a teenager. Together, with his friends, he decided to build a movement to prevent what happened to them from happening again. They planned a march for March 24th. They were able to coordinate with other kids across the country, who themselves were victims of gun violence, from all walks of life.

It has been clear to me from the beginning that the students had researched and knew what they were talking about. They are articulate, motivated, and like other teenagers, feel they can change the world for the better. They are firm in their beliefs and convictions. And they are also grieving. They can probably hear gunshots in the quiet. Maybe they have nightmares because the images of their classmates and teachers lying dead on the floor are seared into their minds. I imagine survivor's guilt is also a problem. David Hogg's little sister was in the school and she lost friends. Sam Zeif's little brother was on the floor where the shooter was and saw his teacher shot. Sam continued to text him. That has to all be lingering. And then there are the seven stages of grief: shock, denial, guilt, remorse, anger, bargaining, acceptance. They are going through these too.

Mr. Hogg called for a boycott of the NRA because they're killing children? At least in leadership, that's a logical assumption. They are a gun lobby that represents gun manufacturers. So they are against every common sense law that is proposed. That makes it easier for people to buy guns and more people, including children, are killed. Until the NRA works with the government to save people's lives, David Hogg is not lying.

Why did he blame Rick Scott? Scott is the one that signs bills into laws. Would the killer have gotten the gun if there was a more expansive background check, a waiting period or had to be 21 years old to purchase it? How about mental health support for the killer? More money for security/SROs? We won't ever know because those laws weren't passed until after the shooting.

The elected Sheriff, Sheriff Israel, and the local government were limited in what they could do because of state laws. And Florida has the most powerful NRA lobbyist in the country. Marion Hammer wrote and pushed through legislation to Stand Your Ground and CCW. The other states usually wait to see what Florida does before passing their own laws.

When David responds to someone, is he doing he attacking the person personally, or their views on gun violence and gun control? One he's saying "Dang, your nose is one horrible honker." The other is "You're claim of whatever is false, according to this study." or "I think you're wrong." That is discourse, not bullying. Since you said the media would already be going after these people, it seems logical that he too would not get along with him. Calling for protests on companies who support gun-violence? That is called an action, not bullying. It is how protests and movements like Never Again work. They want pressure put on advertisers and sponsors. They want to interrupt the norm and get people's attention. Can David Hogg be abrupt and sound angry? Yes, he can be. Do you know what he's thinking about when he's speaking? Neither do I, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was anger or depression.

And I believe that his experiences should be a consideration in how things are said, but not used as a petty excuse for why you can't do anything. Maybe it is the David and Goliath syndrome?

As far as Ms. Ingraham goes...she personally attacked him. She basically said he wasn't intelligent because he didn't get into schools. What was the purpose? Seriously, what. was. the. purpose. Was it said to make David look at least neutral? Was it about an action or a quote about gun violence?. IT WAS SAID TO BE MEAN AND MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. A KID. A MINOR. Would you like something like this to come out about your kids?

It sets a very poor example of Laura Ingraham. She is a 54-year-old woman who attacked a 17-year-old boy that was probably sitting in class when she tweeted it. How incredibly childish. Seriously, I don't why people do that. Why you're doing it.

But David Hogg's response was so high above the bar that Ms. Ingraham set. Let me ask? Was she critical of the students before? Or the march? Did anything happen? Maybe she stuck to the subject of the movement, or the shooting?

This time it wasn't and Mr. Hogg put up a list of sponsors because this woman personally attacked him. It's called accountability. There are consequences for words. And it's not like she didn't know that David liked to put up sponsors to back them out. Again...not bullying. Corporations should choose to sponsor things that represent their values. This certainly didn't demonstrate any.

That tweet went out to 2.1 million followers. It was not an inconsequential tweet. And by doing that, she also said that it was okay to treat another human being in such a matter. And that is was all right to do it even if a minor was involved.

And then there's the issue of her "apology." - not apology. She didn't apologize for saying what she did, she apologized if it hurt anyone. And she didn't tweet it until after four sponsors dropped her show. It was an insult to any Christian that reveres Jesus during Holy Week that because it's Holy Week, she'll apologize. Does that mean she wouldn't apologize if it wasn't Holy Week? If she was trying to make herself look more "pious" - she failed. Epically. Then she used David Hogg, and his first appearance to promote her show...by inviting him and by posting the video to his first appearance. If she wanted to apologize, why didn't she when she first got responses? When did she realize it might be hurtful to David Hogg or any other student at Stoneman Douglas? Was she so busy reveling in the hate, that she just didn't care at all? Can she really be that horrible a person? And the most important question: WHY DID SHE EVEN TWEET THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

54-year-old - 0 17-year-old 1

Did you ever ask to speak to Mr. Hogg at anytime before this blog to get an understanding of where he is coming from? Something like "I've watched you, and you seem so very argumentative. I'm trying to understand what is going on in your head, as a Conservative that disagrees with your stance on guns?" No? Please don't judge his actions. You don't have any clue as to what he is going through.

You took a look at your life and talked about some profound things. You wanted to leave something for your children.

Are your children going to read this and see what you told them? Did you "disagree agreeably" when you wrote this blog? "Without anger or intimidation whether on the front porch or Facebook?" Did you show a little grace to help the healing of our nation?

Let me leave you with a couple of quotes:

"We're so polarized as a nation. It's so much easier to hate."

"People need to realize that when they counter these things, to come with an American tone, not a divisive one."

~David Hogg (from the mouth of babes)


If laura wasn't such an arrogant bully herself, she wouldn't be in the trouble her big mouth created!!! Doesn't pay to and imitate your false messiah trump>>GIRL!!

Just in case anyone missed it, jamesbo is also an arrogant bully.

"They were able to coordinate with other kids across the country, who themselves were victims of gun violence, from all walks of life." What a lovely and sincere parroting of a false Leftist narrative. No, these children did NOT "coordinate" the national marches. They were put together and funded by the same Leftist groups that funded all the women's marches, Charlottsville riots, etc., that pays its professional agitators to attend, that commissions the signs and do the advertising. Approximately 12% of those attending were under 18, and nearly half were marching not to protest anything about guns but to express their hatred of Trump. Leaping to the silly conclusion this small percentage of "kids across the country" who marched were, in fact, "victims of gun violence, from all walks of life" is either a purposeful lie or a simple delusion. But no, it simply isn't so. As for poor little publicity hound David Hogg, Ingraham didn't ATTACK him or even really INSULT him. She said he was whining. And then she said she was sorry she said it and apologized. He is the one who took it to such a huge, massive, spiteful, vindictive level----not because she hurt his feelings, but because she foolishly gave him an excuse. When snakechick says, about Ingraham, "She basically said he wasn't intelligent because he didn't get into schools" she is simply lying. Lying. I've paid a lot of attention to the children and families of those involved in school shootings, and David Hogg is the first and only one to act this way. If there was an element of grief or sadness in his speeches I think it would have showed up by now. I'm just seeing glee. I'm just seeing smug satisfaction at being famous and being praised for being a bully. I'm seeing someone climbing over the bodies of his schoolmates to become famous and be admired, even if only by a few.


I am disappointed in the news media that publishes everything that this crass, juvenile has to say....I'm talking about David Hogg..How he got selected to represent the Nutty-left-gun haters is amazing since his personality is missing a beat.

By definition, a child CANNOT bully an adult. Bullying involves punching down, Hogg is punching up to people that deserve it. He is a wise-beyond-his-years child that is smart enough to call BS when he sees it. Conservatives are the real bullies in this situation, and there will be electoral consequences.

David Hogg and kids like him have cornered conservatives like Erickson.

Everyone has a point of view. But it seems that you are making a hero of a child who is being used to denigrate anyone who disagrees with is comments. And anyone who takes the time to research what David Hogg is spouting as the utter truth and is not in the camp of the true left knows that he has been co-opted by the enemy’s of our country. They are using him and he is to young to fathom that they are. When his enablers are ready to move on to the next victim he will be dropped like a hot coal, and then the world will see if he is the talented person you espoused and can actually on his own sustain a worthwhile movement.

Wow. This got trolled by a bunch of liberals spewing their thoughts as the truth we know it. Pathetic and somwewhat inaccurate. Nice try. Not worthy of a response to the sacred words of a liberal (delusional and void of reality).

But it seems that you are making a hero of a child who is being used to denigrate anyone who disagrees with is comments.

Sounds incredible familiar. maybe he learned it from our president?

Just what I was thinking. Thank you.