Conservatives Challenge Congress to Protect DREAMers

Conservatives are calling on Congress to finally address the DREAMer situation.

I am one of the signatures on a letter to Speaker Ryan, Senator McConnell, and the Congress calling for meaningful reform to allow DREAMers to stay in the United States under a legal pathway. Note that we are not calling for citizenship. But what we are calling for is for Congress to take the DACA program seriously and come up with something to allow kids who know no other home to stay in the one they know.

The letter is signed by a who's who of the conservative movement (and then there's me). From Robbie George to Frank Cannon to Steve Forbes to Larry Kudlow and more. Among other things, the letter notes

The loss of this dynamic segment of workers in the economy would be significant. 97 percent are in school or in the workforce and 5 percent have started their own business. A study from the Niskanen Center found that deporting the DREAMers could cost the American economy $721 billion over a decade as well as $21 billion in lost net revenue to the federal government. President Trump asked in a recent Tweet, “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?” With DREAMers, the economy grows and we create jobs.

Senator Lankford has an intriguing plan that would allow the DREAMers to stay in the country without giving them citizenship. More notably, his plan does not try to treat the young the same way he would treat their parents. In fact, his plan does not even touch on the parents, but on those kids who have been here since they were young and really know no other home.

It is time for Congress to get serious about this issue. You can read the full letter here .

I'm fine with that, but we need something real and permanent related to border security to make it happen. I'll deal, but not for nothing. Use this issue to get something worthwile.


etbass is correct, to give the law-breaking border jumpers a clear path with nothing in return politically is suicidal. They have known their own illegal status for many years, so they are not innocent. Yes, I understand inertia, but they could have made applications somehow, and didn't.
I'd suggested mandated e-verify and full current funding for the wall would suffice as payment for legalization. I'd prefer also a legislated limitation on birthright citizenship where the progeny of illegals are not conferred citizenship (using the "under the jurisdiction thereof" language as clarification).

Gotta disagree. Dreamers already consider themselves a group apart. The demonstration at Macy's Parade shows that. The government too often treats them as being above the law; they have contributed to the moral corruption of our institutions. If I bring my child into a store to shoplift, he does not get to keep the things stuffed under his coat.


Use this to build the wall and make sure this is the last amnesty that is ever contemplated. Make sure that we are only talking about children who spent 10 years or more here under their parent's care. Make bringing a child even your own child to this country illegally on par with human trafficking. Require all recipients to serve in the military. Prevent any from being eligible for citizenship.

When you break our laws, no matter what age you are, it's still a crime. Why should reward children for breaking our laws? What part of the word "illegal" do you not get?

@napleslover because to break this law, one must have the intent to violate it. And a toddler carried into the country by his parents has no intent and also has no home but the one to which he is brought.


@etbass I have long said we should build a big ass wall before we do anything at all. We should. And then I bet the conversation changes once we are sure we can and do keep everyone else out.

Until we build a big wall to keep illegals from crossing our borders, we will always have "dreamers" taking advantage of all the free stuff given to them by our government (schools, healthcare, welfare). It's free stuff for them using our tax dollars. Stop the flow of free stuff and the illegals will stop crossing our border.

I'd like to see them have a clear path to legal residency. But I'd demand an end to chain migration in exchange for it. Birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens and chain migration are the two most detrimental aspects of immigration right now.


@parsoned I agree. I don't want to give citizenship, but I don't think it is right to send these kids back to a country they don't know.

Erick, the children may be put in an unfortunate position, but rewarding the parent's illegal behavior is not the right answer. @MittenTom was on the right path in his shoplifting analogy, but I'll extend it. If the mother and/or father robbed a bank when the child was an infant or toddler, the grown child should not be allowed to keep and spend the money. The initial act was illegal and the benefits associated with the illegal act must be taken away. The DREAMers' presence is the fruit of that illegal act and they must suffer the consequences of their parent's illegal behavior. As a result, the grown children only have their parents to blame, not the enforcement of American immigration policies.

I need a clear and accurate definition of exactly who the DREAMERS are before I could make a recommendation! Some claim they are children, others claim they must have completed HS, others speak of being brought here in the arms of their parents. How long have they been here? Were the parents legal? The Obama EO was in 2012; so they have not been here more than 5 years if they came in that EO protected time. If they have parents in the US who are citizens, or at least legal status; where were the kids when the parents crossed the border? It seems those in our government continue "play the loop"! We don't control the border and find we have many illegals in the country. Pressure is applied and the system revised; those here given a "free pass"; problem solved. THEN, we don't control the border, illegals come, pressure applied, reform the immigration system, sell the idea of allowing those here to become legal; then PROMISE the situation has been corrected and it will not happen again. Remember the promise made to Pres. Reagan by those in the Congress. Then we "replay the loop"! TAKE SOME MEANINGFUL AND LASTING ACTION TO ELIMINATE THE LOOP! (1) close the border (2) severe penalty for offenders and those who protect them (3) eliminate any and all government assistance for everyone that is here illegally (4) eliminate the anchor baby policy (5) eliminate the "family link" that allows a legal resident to bring his/her entire family here (6) reinstate meaningful entry requirements that would include; ability to support themselves; fluent in the English language; knowledge of REAL American history and citizenship (not the revised versions currently being taught ); thorough background check to assure no previous association with any group or movement that holds ideologies incompatible with the America ideology (some in our country might need to learn that also!); no criminal record (7) no citizen rights or privileges until citizenship is attained (8) fast-track deportation system for any who entered fraudulently or who have committed any act or action potentially harmful to America’s safety and security. After incorporating the above, should any other issue arise that requires a change in policy; DO IT IMMEDIATELY! DON’T PROCRASTINATE!


I hate this whole debate. Probably because both sides are right and wrong at the same time. The Dreamers may be innocent. If they were brought here as children through no fault of their own its cruel to throw them out of the only country they know. But letting them stay is a slap in the face of all those who waited to come here legally. How many parents throughout the world would gladly break our laws to insure a better life for their children? And if the children get to stay, it's probably well worth it to the parents even if they themselves get deported. Doesn't our compassion just invite more of the crime? Should we do it anyway?

On the other hand, there is so much hatred coming from many of the opponents. I've heard it from my own family. There is an element of racism to many of the obections. Not all. But many. And I sense a real resentment from people whose families have been in this country for generations and are still struggling when they see children who shouldn't have been here in the first place getting college scholarships when their own children can't even get admitted. But does that make them WRONG? And what makes college students more worthy than others? We have too many students attending college NOW in this country, graduating with a mountain of debt and a worthless degree. Do we really need to be importing MORE of this?

This is one that I can't agree with you on Eric - sorry.
I do feel bad for the "kids" (although many of these DACA "kids" aren't kids at all - they're in their 20's and 30's). Problem is, if we grant them legal status, it will only be a matter of time before the democrats 9and the DACA kids themselves) DEMAND citizenship. They will say that it "isn't fair", they contribute to society / our economy, so they should be allowed to vote.....yada, yada, yada.
You KNOW that is what will happen, and you also KNOW that the GOP would cave to their demands.

End chain migration. End dual citizenship End anchor babies. . For dreamers over 18 three years to pass present citizenship citizenship test and new back ground checks. For those 6-15 foster homes or adoption Make part of yearly immigration count.. Under six send back with parents, and birth certificate if born in this country. The families have a choice of being broken up or not. The parents should have known the risk when they came.

The original idea behind all this, was that individuals who were brought to the US illegally as children (and thus raised as Americans, with no knowledge of the culture of their real country), but who are now adults, might be allowed some method of legalization.

The issue isn't that they are kids now, but that their parents brought them here illegally. Requirements to complete high school and college or military service are intended to weed out gang members and similar....

With that said, the original political goal was a nose under the tent for total amnesty, using the most sympathetic population possible.

So... On one hand, we have people who didn't intentionally enter the US illegally, and who have been raised outside their home culture/language...

On the other hand, 'its a trap'...

The logical solution, is to do the hard work and produce a real immigration reform bill, that addresses seasonal guest workers for Ag, skilled-labor for the overall benefit of population growth and 'taking the best and brightest' from competing nation's, and gets rid of the current quota/family-relation based system in favor of rules based on individual economic performance (eg, rather than only allowing X people from any given country, allow anyone who can keep and maintain a legal tax-paying job making a set minimum income)... Along with strict enforcement of employment law and mandatory e-verify/RealID use for employment purposes.

Under no circumstances should we change the birthright rule - it's beneficial to us overall, and part of our national character all the way back to the Revolution (See Sailor's Snug Harbor case, for the Supreme Court's take - and yes, this case predates the 14th)....