Conservatism Doesn't Have to be Crazy

Let's talk about the policy ideas that advance freedom, not the crazy that advances ratings on Fox.

I have a lot of friends who have given their lives to advancing conservatism in the United States and abroad. I have friends who have toiled thanklessly at little known conservative organizations because they care about the two parent nuclear household, the guiding principles of liberty in the United States, and the erosion of freedom as the leviathan of government expands. I have friends who are harassed and caricatured daily because they believe in social policies that are alleged to not fit in with postmodern times.

They are good people. We do not always agree on every issue. Many of them disagreed with my position in 2016. But we all share a love for the country and a belief in the guiding ideas of conservatism.

Unfortunately, in the last number of years there are those around the conservative movement who have decided crazy gets attention. And from Fox News to the stage at CPAC, the crazy shines. It brings down and degrades conservative ideas. It puts personality ahead of sound public policy. We see that this week over the CPAC panel that put the nutter conspiracy theorist from Gateway Pundit on a panel about free speech. Puffing up bat crap crazy speech into a defense of free speech degrades the conservative movement.

The pay to play conservatism that has infested much of the movement and the cult of personality politics overshadow the sound policies. We are distracted from what is good, right, and true, by what is shiny, brash, and plays well on Fox.

It was a reason I started the RedState Gathering and it is the reason I am committed to starting The Resurgent Conference. To that end, I invite you to Austin, TX the first weekend in August. Yes, we're going to the place whose unofficial motto is "Keep Austin Weird" to talk about conservatism as principled, not crazy. We are partnering with conservative policy makers to discuss conservative public policy that we should champion regardless of the personality involved. We've invited Google, Facebook, and other tech companies to come talk about the intersection of free markets and regulation, online privacy, and conservative concerns about progressive censorship online. I'm reaching out to conservatives like Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Mark Meadows, Mark Walker, Chip Roy, Paul Ryan, Greg Abbott, Matt Bevin, Pete Ricketts, Ajit Pai, and more.

We don't want campaign speeches at this conference. We want conversations. I want to invite these folks on stage to talk about what works, what we need to be doing policy wise, and how we build coalitions to make it happen. I want to talk about how we push the President to support free trade instead of protectionism and how we draw people to our ideas.

We are finalizing our contract with the hotel now and hope to have everything in place in the next two weeks to open up registration. In the meantime, sign up here and I'll get you the information ASAP on the event. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, please email

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Erick Erickson
Erick Erickson


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