Conor Lamb's Win is Good News for the Second Amendment

As the Democrats find candidates who fit their districts, it will be hard for them to get anti-gun activists in Congress

We can expect that Conor Lamb, who is more likely than not going to be declared the winner, will wobble on guns and is not as pro-second amendment as he claims. But it must be notable that Lamb ran as a gun owning, gun rights supporting Democrat. He fit his district, which is what the Democrats are trying to do despite progressive activists' complaining.

Given the vast array of seats up for grabs this year, it will be very hard for Democrats to use the gun agenda as anything other than a way to rally their progressive donors, who will then get very little in return. They may be able to raise the rifle purchase age to 21. They might ban bump stocks. But there is already some bipartisan support for the former and a lot for the latter.

They will not, however, be able to return to "assault" weapons bans, etc. It will be difficult for them. That will enrage the progressive base. But as Democrats pick candidates who look like their districts, it is going to be hard to get highly progressive candidates through the front doors of Congress except in urban areas Democrats already hold.

Midterm and special elections are local except for the donations. It sounds like Lamb ran like a Republican. He will not fit i into the national party, as many Democrats want purist on guns and abortion. He will have great pressure applied to him. Not being from Pennsylvania, have we had court ordered redistricting, or is there a voter fraud problem? Did Saccone get only lip service from the establishment Republicans? Republicans had won all special until Moore was defeated. Did Trump make a one day blunder with his firings? A new element in the mid-term elections could be the recently indoctrinated 18 tear old and other first time voters. The citizenship requirement is often on the honor code.

Conor Lamb ran as a Republican with a "D" after his name. That's why he did so well. The problem is that the Democratic Party no longer accepts moderates or conservatives. Once seated, every member must toe the party line or be ostracized. So was Lamb honest during his campaign or was he dishonest just for the votes? I can't say, but I do expect him to be a reliable vote for the Democrats and their agenda. Therefore, I will never vote for any candidate with a "D" after their name. Period.


Lamb is likely honest about his positions. Sounds like a Kennedy era democrat to me. But he will never be allowed to voice those views, lead on legislation or anything else under a progressive led democrat majority. The stupid republican voters in this district should have recognized that. So their vote really represents their desire to replace Ryan with Pelosi. What a bunch of dumb asses.

Update: ballots still being counted and claims of voter machine malfunction. Only 627 vote difference. Lamb only won one county.

You are definitely naive to think he will vote anything other than socialist democrat. Watch his voting record. That is the telling story not he’s telling us he’s going to do this, that and such.