Congressional Republicans Need Testicular Fortitude Against Trump

The congressional GOP needs to stand up to the President on tariffs, but won't. Their cowardice will have consequences.

Only Congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC) seems willing to stand up to the President, even though there is rare unanimity among congressional Republicans that the President's tariffs are a bad idea. The tariffs are potentially an economically devastating issue. They will raise consumer prices, raise costs to businesses, and not actually keep American industries afloat. They will spark a trade war where it is the United States vs. the world.

Congressional Republicans could build a coalition with Democrats to quickly pass a measure blocking the President, or at least quickly reversing the President. They could pass Senator Mike Lee's Global Trade Accountability Act. They could even simply reconsider section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act, which is what the President is relying on to implement tariffs.

They could get Democrat support to ensure veto protection by sunsetting any action for January 2021 so Democrats do not feel like they might be binding a future Democratic president.

This is entirely doable. There is near unanimity among Republicans. There is a strong desire by congressmen for Congress to reassert itself in turf fights with the executive branch. This is the perfect storm.

But Republicans lack the balls to do anything. That's the plain, hard truth. Donald Trump is Ramsey Bolton and the congressional GOP are Theon Greyjoy.

Targeted tariffs to equalize products in which trading we are being deliberately victimized is both good policy and good economics. So-called Free Trade does not exist!

TomBrown: I'm not a cultist, but that characterization maligns many good people I know who have sacrificed much for liberty. Many of them are veterans who fought communism and the jihadists to defend your right to come here and write insensitive comments. You paint with a broad brush, and are unnecessarily harsh.

I am a never-ever-ever Trumper who thinks the President may just be right on this one. A trade war hurts everybody, but it hurts least whichever country has the biggest domestic market in which to sell its products duty-free. That would be us. Stated another way, an all out trade war hurts us, but it kills China because we sell so little there while they sell so much here. So I think it an entirely plausible strategy to protect certain key industries while daring the rest of the world to respond in kind; holding over their heads the threat that retaliation against us will result in even greater protectionism from us. Impose retaliatory duties on our Harleys and we will respond with tariffs on your automobiles. Trust me when I say that I am choking on the words, but when Trump maintains that a trade war is winnable, especially when its purpose is simply to force the rest of the world to play fair, he just may be right.

I'm not the one who introduced the word "cult" into the discussion here (that would be the commenter I quoted: StridentConservative). But once it had been brought up, I figured I'd go with it. Sorry for the offense.

You still don't get this President. He is attacking the trade deficits as promised. This needs to play out. Just wait before you and many others get "North Korea'd" AGAIN!