Congress Needs to Pass This Law

Congress should have a role to play in the imposition of tariffs that affect the American economy.

Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) has introduced the House version of a bill Senator Mike Lee is also trying to advance. The legislation would require congressional approval before any President could impose tariffs.

It is actually fairly insane that the President of the United States can single handedly kick off a trade war and potentially wreck the American economy without Congressional approval. Essentially, the President is levying a tax and Congress is the branch of government with the taxation power. This is a huge and long time abdication of power from Congress and it is time it reasserts itself into the process.

Likewise, I think it would be wise that the two branches of government that are supposed to craft the laws actually get together on issues like this. Congress should pass this law and, even if they have to sunset it to get Democrat support, they should be able to get enough votes to override a veto.

  1. Taxes prevent anyone from owning anything
  1. Taxes are permanent, rarely reduced, never taken away and always go up
  1. Just think and anyone can come up with a whole bunch of things that are insane

Would they be the same folks who were struck deaf, blind, and mute when Obama used his pen to issue one unconstitutional directive after another to punish free enterprise and advance the culture wars on liberty and religious freedom?

Congress has abdicated power for too long, they gave the President didn't always take. Executive powers should be temporary. Legislation is the field for congress and state legislatures, not the courts. The trouble with congress and the courts is they are slow to act. The sixty vote rule is often a killer for getting anything done. Work weeks for congress are often to short. Tariffs by country or product, impact on state or district? In the past regulations and taxes have kept some businesses from competing, not tariffs or trade agreements. We have the issues of labor, raw materials, and finished product as issues on trade and tariffs. Most of the members have B.A. degrees not B.S. (bachelor of science) there is plenty of the other.