Come Build Memories With My Family

You are invited to spend a week with my family as we tour the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are a regular reader you no doubt know that my family has some pretty serious health struggles. After Christy got cancer, we committed to doing our best to build memories with our kids. As someone who grew up overseas, I want some of those memories to be memories of traveling abroad.

And I'd like to invite you guys along for this.

On July 2nd, we're going to cruise the Western Mediterranean. We're not going to conferences and panel discussions. We're just going to hang out together, enjoy each other's company, and introduce my kids to new places and adventures.

The base package is $5500.00, which I know is expensive for a lot of you. That price, however, includes all your airfare, a one week cruise, all the meals, your drinks, and the 40 excursions on shore. There's even a no tipping policy. The cruise line is also a high end cruise ship. It's basically a floating five star hotel.

So I know this is not for everyone. That's one reason we're also going to get together in Austin for the Resurgent Conference. But this is a memory building exercise for my family and I really want to invite listeners and readers along with us where those who pray for my family and support this endeavor and listen to my show get to spend time with me and my family while also building family memories of your own.

If you'd like to do this, please call (800) 777-6540 and ask them to book you on "Erick's Cruise."

Well, enjoy. It'll be a good occasion to rest and be pampered. High quality cruises are a marvelous way to travel.

Is that price per person?


Sorry. clicked wrong button. Erick: Great idea for "Building Memories" with your family. It is really a good idea. I hope this cruise works out as well as the Conference in Austin. Any progress on a show focusing on raising a Christian family in "enemy country"? That was such a great idea.

Erick - my kids are adults, but my brother and I are looking for something like this. Will you be bringing any other voices of reason and faith along, like David French? I would love to meet and engage with some of the writers on whom I have come to rely, like yourself. This sounds like maybe more of a family affair, which is wonderful but not quite for me at this stage perhaps.