Coach K Gets the Nod From Trump for the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh is the President's pick for the US Supreme Court

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is going to get confirmed. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski both supported him in 2006. They'll support him again. Kavanaugh is probably not as solid as a Scalia, but he is definitely to the right of Anthony Kennedy, for whom he was a law clerk.

He will be a reliable vote on religious liberty issues and will work to tear down the out of control bureaucratic state. Kavanaugh is, in fact, to the right of Scalia on that point.

More than anything though, Kavanaugh has been a big advocate for judicial restraint. I will tell you from friends in the Federalist Society that they are really excited about this pick and believe Kavanaugh has the paper trail to show he is both legit and conservative.

I had hoped for Barrett, but I am pleased with Kavanaugh. He'll be solid.

@FreeMkts Everyone hates Duke, I know, but his record is undeniable and he's a fantastic leader. Hate the school, not the coach!

They are one in the same. It's like trying to separate Dem politicians from the party.


@FreeMkts Only if you're a UNC fan!

Of course we all know Trump had exactly one criterion, which is his expected vote on indictment.Of all of the qualified judges, this was only one one who'd ever weighed in on such a thing.


Now you get it!