CNN Boycotting the White House Christmas Party Isn't the Story

CNN is sticking to its convictions while other networks that publicly share CNN's concerns are not.

CNN is not going to the White House Christmas party. Sarah Sanders is laughing about it. Others on the right are mocking CNN. The network says that given the President's lack of respect for the media and his attacks on CNN in particular that it would not be appropriate to attend. But I don't think that is the big story.

The big story here is that there are other networks that claim to share CNN's principles, values, and integrity and are equally appalled by the President's attacks, but they're all still going.

Say what you will about CNN deciding it won't participate in the White House Christmas Party, but the real hypocrisy here are the networks that have also been attacked by the White House and still want to go. They have every right to. But it sure seems to suggest CNN takes the President's attacks on the free press seriously and these other networks also complaining about those attacks do not really take them seriously.

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The President is NOT "attacking the free press". He is differing strongly ("attacking" if you wish) the very unfair and biased reporting against him and his administration, some of which is outright lies. While I personally think that some of the media attacks against him should be ignored, the media has been so grossly unfair that fighting back, though perhaps unwise and even demeaning to the office, is pretty natural. Were the press honest, I could be far more critical of the President. Under the circumstances, I cut him a lot more slack. The press deserves the criticism.


Hah! "Attacks on free press", so doing anything other than accepting every premise of the mainstream media is attacking freedom of the press now? what a joke.