Celebrity John Legend Defends Murderous Gang MS-13. Blames America.

The pro-abortion celebrity makes a pro-life argument to defend murderers then blames America.

First, let's note the guy makes this argument, but he's cool with abortion:

Then, he gets into blaming America.

It is amazing how Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven otherwise seemingly intelligent people bat crap crazy. MS-13 is violent, rapes and kills women, has been known to chop people into pieces, and is otherwise full of animals. Before Trump, we used to be able to refer to people like this as animals. But now it's verboten because Trump.

Just looking out for the anti-trump post so I can call MS-13 on 'em.

Constitutional rights are for American Citizens. Celebrities are for the birds.

Most celebrities are too stupid to make reasonable statements, this celebrity included. It's a good thing you do not need to be intelligent to be a celebrity or hollywood would be nothing more than an expensive place to live.

John Legend is a legend in his own mind.

John legend lives in a bubble that his celebrity and money affords him! Should his precious Chrissy To even get gang raped and murdered by members of MS-13 he would singing a much different tune!! They have absolutely NO respect for human life at all!! They look at women as being subhuman just to be tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered by them with no accountability or responsibility at all. Gang members all push that "family" b.s. when in reality they would kill their best friend, sister, father whomever if they dared to cross the gang in any way. They care about themselves and nobody else regardless of the b's they spew!! They are animals that should be exterminated before they infect anymore children with their craziness!