Can We Talk About the Disney Channel?

There are too many rumors and too many disturbing reports of rehab for actors.

Y'all, we need to talk about the Disney Channel and why your kids should not be watching it. No, I'm not talking about the Disney Channel being an avenue for mainstreaming transgenderism, the gay rights agenda, etc., though it is. That's why we have not let our kids watch the channel.

But set that aside. Have you considered the number of child stars who have gone from Disney into rehab? We have DUI's, meth, cocaine, heroin, and that's not all. There have long been allegations about abuse and other traumatic experiences too. Nickelodeon has had rumors about it going on too.

But here's the thing you can probably understand at a gut level. For there to be that many kids coming out of the Disney Channel who are that screwed up, something has to be going on there and our kids watching that channel are subsidizing whatever it is.

The rumors have been so rampant for so long and the number of celebrities headed from Disney to rehab are so fairly consistent, I have to wonder what is happening and where are the parents. In fact, we know that often the parents are turning blind eyes because they like the income stream and many other times they have no idea.

If you are a person of faith watching that channel, I cannot encourage you enough to turn it off. It's not good for your kids. But I'm also pretty sure it is not good for the kids your kids are watching.

This is a great point. We blame "fame" for ruining child actors, maybe its something much more sinister, from what we have learned in the last few months.We watch a lot of Disney Jr. in our house, and like it pretty well. But once it transitions into the "Disney Channel" with the child actors, it gets real bad. It's exactly what a parent doesn't want, geared toward kids, but sending all kinds of bad messages. I'd rather my kids watch "The Simpson's" at that point.

What are the stats on children who star on Christian network shows? I mean, there doesn't really need to be a Satanic Molestation Conspiracy ruling Disney. It could just be that too much fame/exposure is bad for kids. One of the things I like most about the show, Lucifer is that Scarlett Estevez, who plays the adorable Trixie isn't on every episode and her scenes are limited even when she is on. That tells me that somebody is making sure is working a reasonably limited time and maybe won't have the problems of the Disney kids later on.

Disney changed from Walt's guidance and vision when they produced roger rabbit. It's been down hill ever since.