Calling for an investigation is just another stall or delay by the Democrats. The same thing would have happened if Cruz was president and made the nomination. The Democrats showed their colors with Senators Harris and Booker. The holding of the letter since July makes Senator Feinstein an accomplice. Professor Ford is one to be used as a puppet.

Abortion and gun rights are still issues. Judge Kavenaugh is an originalist, while many Democrats believe the U.S. Constitution is a living document. The corruption by humans for greed ans power was well established at the time of our founding fathers, human nature has not changed.

During the 2016 campaign viewed Cruz as Trump minus the moral issues. Ted was not part of the establishment., Trump has about twenty years of experience by age on Cruz.. Both Cruz and Trump saw part of the Obama/Clinton corruption, but neither knew the true depth.

Look at this election as to reelect Ted and give him help in the senate. The alternative is a return to the Obama/Clinton years.

No. 1-1

OF COURSE this "investigation" idea is a delaying tactic, part of the "Resist" agenda. There were six (count them: (6) background investigations which turned up nothing. Why expect a 7th to produce a different result? Question: Are the Democrats now impugning the FBI? (Remember the outrage at Trump!) Feinstein's timing of this was impeccable. This is so Anita Hill!