California Demands Faith Based Groups Advertise Evil

There is no major difference between this and the communists in China demanding people take down pictures of Jesus.

Above is one of the walls in my office. There is a print about Atlanta. There are two for Louisiana. There's the Gadsden flag and the Gonzales flag. All these things say something about my personality. Imagine, though, if the government forced me to put up something against my will. In communist countries it is often a picture of the dictator or the hammer and sickle. In China, the Chinese dictator is telling Christian households that they need to take down pictures of Jesus and put up his picture if they want state aid.

Imagine how this could work in businesses. In Nazi Germany, Hitler and his goons seriously considered demanding vegetarianism because they thought it was a healthy lifestyle choice. Imagine forcing a McDonalds to put up pictures of mutilated animals -- they weren't compelling people to switch. They were just dissuading people. Forcing businesses to put up pictures that might coerce or dissuade people from those businesses is actually a pretty totalitarian concept you might see in a communist or fascist state.

Which brings me to California, where the state wants to demand that pro-life pregnancy centers advertise for abortion services. There really is no difference between a totalitarian communist state forcing a household to put up a picture of the dictator to get state services and forcing a faith-based non-profit to put up an abortion advertisement to stay in business. Both are efforts by the state to impose their will on others through coercive means.

There's a case before the Supreme Court tomorrow on this very issue. Catherine Glenn Foster has a great piece at The Hill on this issue and how California is compelling religiously affiliated organizations to advertise things that are an affront to their faith and the very reason for their business. They might as well be forcing these groups to put up pictures of Satan, instead of advertising Moloch's services.

I would ask why you are surprised? These are the same group of people that demand you "bake that cake bigot", despite having two dozen other bakeries within the same city. It is to force faith based organizations to either compromise on their principles or shut down. That is the goal. If we are not faithful to our beliefs, then what is the point in having them? That is the exact point the left knows. It becomes harder to defend the sanctity of life when you advertise abortion services on the wall. It makes them look like hypocrites, which is the goal. Even if a person supports abortion, why would want people to have one? That is where I think people move from being wrong to being evil. Far too much of the left in the U.S. wants more abortions. They may say that they don't, but their actions tell otherwise. This is another version of that manifesting itself. No one could argue that a woman could be unaware that she can have an abortion in California. Yet that isn't enough until pro-life centers advertise on their walls. It is sick and Satanic.

Pro-life agencies do want to see women given as many opportunities to choose life as possible. We readily admit that as a goal. Is that a bad thing even if you support abortion? Is it bad to want people to choose life and try to steer them in that direction, even if you aren't opposed to abortion? That is the difference I can only explain by attributing evil to it. I can understand the libertarian perspective that the state has no say over a woman's body. It is wrong and unconstitutional because it violates the inherent right to life of the unborn baby. Wanting women to have abortions, verses believing that they should be able to, is nothing but pure evil.

California is plunging rapidly into insanity and complete madness. Most of the country does not share that state's views but they act as if it does. The entertainment industry eschews violence but continues to make violent pictures and claims some moral high ground in spite of the hypocrisy of allowing things to go on for years. In the realm of politics the picture seems to be that of a totalitarian regime where any dissension from mainline radicalism is no longer tolerated.

If they are forced to advertise for abortion clinics, then perhaps a few pictures of what an aborted fetus looks like placed right next to the advertisement, or even superimposed over it, might be an excellent way to make the point of the evils of abortion.

Excellent point!!!