Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, and Progressives' Dangerous Games

James Hodgkinson is looking less like an anomaly and more like the beginning of a violent progressive movement.

The Nazis are national socialists. They are kissing cousins of the democratic socialists, communists, and the fascists. The supposed anti-fascists, or ANTIFA, can call themselves "anti," but they are engaged in the behaviors of the brown and black-shirted thugs of 1930's Europe. Progressives in America are playing at a very dangerous game.

First, they have directly compared the separation of children at the border from their parents to Nazis. They've called the camps concentration camps. While I can agree with them that the policy is wrong, the Nazi comparisons are wrong too. Hitler would have never provided air conditioning nor would he have processed children out of the camps into a foster program. But that is what Trump was doing in compliance with American law and legal precedent Barack Obama himself used.

I was opposed when Barack Obama was doing this, but all these people comparing Trump to Hitler were perfectly fine with it then. The problem now is that the left has decided violence against the policy is moral because they have determined the policy is immoral. They have released a horde of angry young fascists to go after government employees and cabinet secretaries. This is as wrong as the policy of separating families, if not more so, before the separation of families is a policy with which Democrats themselves were once okay.

For those who thought James Hodgkinson, who attempted a mass assassination of Republican members of Congress, was an anomaly, it looks more and more like Hodgkinson was a starting point to something violent. "Democratic" socialists stormed a restaurant in Washington to disrupt dinner until the Secretary of Homeland Security fled. Hollywood celebrities have encouraged the kidnapping and raping of the President's child and his press secretary's child. Government employees who work for Homeland Security have seen their home addresses put on the internet and, in some cases, pictures of their family displayed by activists intent on harming them.

President Trump engaging in a zero tolerance policy and separating all parents from their children at the border was not normal and was yesterday reversed. But the left is more and more normalizing violence and harassment against their political opponents and justifying it with the language of morality. What should not be normal is becoming normal, and that is a dangerous game. This will not end well for anyone. Violent extremists on the left, including Hollywood celebrities, are only going to emboldened more James Hodgkinsons. It is going to happen. And the condemnation from the left will become more and more faint as it does. They have decided the President and his supporters get what they deserve.

This won't end well.

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Erick, do you not see the ways in which the Trump phenomenon (politest term for it) glorifies and incites violence? Have we ever had a president who led cheering throngs in chants of "Lock her up," referring to a political opponent? Who verbally encouraged supporters to beat up protesters at rallies? Who, in true chicken hawk fashion, loves a good military parade and good threats, as long as he doesn't have to serve or throw a punch? I fear left wing violence, FOR SURE. I fear right wing violence as well. I don't see this as limited to one-side. Do you, seriously? I thought more of you?

(I also admire honorable non-violent civil disobedience, in the tradition of Daniel and so many others in the Bible, let along 20th century practitioners, which I also do not see as limited to either left or right, though lately far more leftists seem to glorify non-violent civil disobedience and more right-wingers seem to be emphasizing arming up for the coming apocalypse).


@et, no, not so much. Dem leaders refuse meetings with some of these groups - its not so cozy as you seem to think.


They need to process all of these crimes as crimes (including the "swatting" and putting names on the Internet etc.). It should be done in an apolitical fashion.

To coin a phrase, there's awful people on both sides...


@Jules* - Oh please. Misrepresentations and obfuscations throughout. Both Left and Right political systems in the US would end up in poor territory if left unchecked and certainly be similar in end result but VERY different in how they got there and core ideology.

The most telling sentiment is simply that you ascribe ALL of the worst forms of world governments throughout our history to progressive ideologies. It's laughably absurd. You claim in the same breath that communism, socialism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, national socialism and even fascism only come from one form of government. Even though communism and fascism are MORTALLY opposed to one another.

Yet magically, conservative forms of government ONLY result in more awesome?!

You immediately start by turning "liberty" into "personal liberty" two very different concepts. Just look at some of our conservative movements in the US today. They only want liberty for themselves...not for all. Certainly none for gays or whoever the flavor-of-the-month out group is. That's not liberty. That's authority. I understand you "think" you want liberty...but it's just not for all.

Of course social hierarchies are a key component of conservative ideology. Are you new to America?! Dear lord. It's a reference to status, income, wealth, etc. This is a core tenet of conservative ideology throughout the world. The opposite side of the spectrum is equality of outcome or a flat social hierarchy, which you surely abhor. It has nothing to do with "identity politics"...

You're welcome to throw away whatever you want, you're just as welcome to stay inside that warm cozy bubble if it makes you feel safe, but you clearly need a refresher in political science.



The Democrat party may not officially fund them, but that is akin to saying a candidates political PAC is not the candidate. Technically and legally, they as different. Practically, they are not.

Those groups are supported and organized by people and other groups firmly and powerfully tied within the Democrat party. They are mobilized to assist Democrats from place to place.

I think your trying to split hairs in forcing them to be exactly, 100% like the Brownshirts, instead of admitting that Brownshirts is a fair and accurate historical comparison.