Breitbart Confirms Key Details of the Washington Post's Roy Moore Account

Breitbart confirms that one of the victims in the Washington Post story would have preferred that the story not be made public.

Things are getting worse for Roy Moore as Breitbart tries to help salvage his campaign. In trying to undermine the Washington Post's story, Breitbart actually manages to confirm a key detail deeply relevant to the veracity of the story.

Leigh Corfman, one of the women involved, did not want her story out there. According to Breitbart's reporting, the Washington Post badgered her into doing it. They sought her out, not the other way around.

That makes the story more damaging to Roy Moore because it confirms Ms. Corfman was not an attention seeker and was not pushing this story out there for attention or to try to hurt Roy Moore. She only spoke to the Washington Post because of the reporters pushing her.

Corfman’s mother, Wells, told Breitbart News that reporters for the Washington Post convinced her daughter to give them an interview. “She did not go to them,” said Wells. “They called her.” “They tried to convince her to do it?” this reporter asked. “Yes,” replied Wells, matter-of-factly. Wells was asked about Corfman’s motivations for going public. “It wasn’t done for politics, you know,” Wells replied. “It was done for personal reasons. And it wouldn’t have been done if the reporters hadn’t contacted my daughter.”

We should note too that Breitbart is doing exactly what the Washington Post did. But in their effort to cast aspersions on the story they have confirmed the story was not politically motivated, the victim was willing to stay silent, and she only came forward as the Washington Post intended to expose the issue anyway.

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not sure how Leigh Corfman's reluctance to talk to Washington Post confirm key details of her story or the report?