BREAKING: Hannity Gives Roy Moore 24 Hours to Explain Inconsistencies

Sean Hannity is giving Judge Roy Moore 24 hours to explain the various inconsistencies in his defense thus far.

Things are not going Roy Moore's way. Sean Hannity, who is facing a leftwing boycott for daring to ask Roy Moore tough questions while giving him the benefit of the doubt, spent part of his show overnight highlighting inconsistencies from Roy Moore. He is calling on the judge to straighten those inconsistencies out within 24 hours.

While not a Hannity fan, who'd a thunk that he would bow to the leftist pressure?

It's like Erick and others have been saying. You have to push back against specific allegations with specific refutations. Otherwise you lose the war of credibility. Proving the proverb that a broken clock is right twice a day, Hannity is right on this one.

@Parsoned I'm really amazed by his campaign's inability to come up with something. I realize they are on a shoestring budget and a small staff, but this is basic politics.

This is not Hannity bowing to leftist pressure. It is Hannity sending the message from the Whitehouse.

Good for Sean. I miss the old, pre-Trump Hannity. What happened to that guy?

@Larry90125 He sold his soul to our formerly-Orange Overlord! lol

Has anything come of the 24hr clock expiring? I haven't seen anything either way.