Beto O'Rourke Acknowledges He Will Lose to Ted Cruz. Call Him Rob.

His campaign was doomed from the start, even changing his name from 'Rob' to 'Beto.' Now he is acknowledging it.

Well that didn't take long. Ted Cruz got more votes in the Texas primaries than all the Democrats combined and Beto O'Rourke lost a string of counties that echo Wendy Davis's defeat. If that was not enough to recognize Beto O'Rourke's coming return to being referred to as 'Rob,' O'Rourke himself acknowledged his pending defeat at SXSW in Austin, TX this way:

In other words, O'Rourke is running as the candidate the secularly religious can use as an indulgence to get out of the repercussions of the sin they don't believe in, but behave like they do believe in them. No viable candidate would take to such a large stage in Texas and make such an argument. It just wouldn't happen. He might privately support this position, but a viable candidate would be far more diplomatic on stage. Only a candidate who already knows he is going to lose would be so bold.

The DSCC and DNC are already abandoning O'Rourke. Most major outside groups will not pour money into his race. The only folks who will support him are liberals giving money to "the cause" and outside groups trying to use O'Rourke as a way to boost liberal turnout in swing, suburban congressional races.

O'Rourke has become like a Green candidate -- the guy you support for religious reasons when you have no real religion. He is not a viable candidate and he knows it. He can go back to being called "Rob" now, which he preferred till he wanted to get elected in south Texas.

I know he is a demigod to all of you. So you are willing to look past his vote for massive, massive deficit spending. And that's cool. But don't put him up to be done hardline conservative who always tows the line. Because that is bs now and you know it.

isn’t that his business what he wants to call himself? We make a bid deal out of everything. Americans are weary of listening to people complain and try and make something big out of every little thing.


I think you might be forgetting that it was Rafael that brought it up in the first place.

Beto is the one who took the high road and chose not to reply. He could have said well you were Rafael for the Latino journal. The point is he did not. And Rafael's response was that it was good humor.

Was his vote for the spending bill a laughing matter as well? I know it's very painful to be reminded here of that vote. The more for the massive deficit spending.