Because They're Okay With Killing Kids, Among Other Things

I won't support a party that wants to mainstream moral corruption anymore than I'll vote for the morally corrupt

Max Boot can't figure out why Republicans who claim to be upset by Donald Trump won't do what he sees as the only reasonable thing and vote Democrat.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. There are plenty of his policies I have been pleasantly surprised by. But I hold to the old fashioned view that character matters and find his character to be low. All that said, I do admit he has made great appointments and has advanced some good policies both in foreign relations and in domestic policy.

He still concerns me though and I too wish the GOP would be more forceful against him instead of less deferential. I still think Congress needs to use its checks and balances against him more and take the lead on legislating when he won't.

I could never vote for Democrats though. As much as I think the GOP has gone insane, I think the Democratic Party has embraced policies I find as morally repugnant as Trump's behavior. And his behavior is just on him. The Democrats not only want to advance morally repugnant policies, but not allow any of us to opt out of them.

It is easy for Max Boot to vote Democrat if you aren't a social conservative or Christian. But I think life matters and the Democrats' embrace of killing children, hiding euphemistically behind the term "abortion," is actually a moral evil. One of my concerns with President Trump is that I remain skeptical of his commitment to the culture of life. I'm sure not going to embrace a party that has handed itself over to a government subsidized death cult called Planned Parenthood.

Likewise, I think homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage is an affront to God. I'm not going to support a party that wants to shut down small businesses run by Christians who refuse to go along with the the left's view on human sexuality.

And then there's transgenderism. A transgender person is mentally ill and the left would prefer we treat the transgender person as normal instead of trying to get them help.

On all these issues, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by those who'd treat deviancy as normal and normalcy as deviant. I think these moral issues directly relate to a collapse of our culture. So while I have no affection for a President who is a moral cretin, I'm certainly not going to cast my lot with a party that celebrations moral abominations and thinks the government should subsidize them.

Trump may be an authoritarian, but the Democrats are the ones trying to force nuns to pay for killing kids and force small businesses out of business for not wanting to support same-sex weddings.

God found favor with King David even though he committed adultery. We all sin and in God's eye one is as bad as another. Has Trump changed? I leave that decision to God. The choice we had was Hillary or Trump. Hillary was far more evil than Trump so the choice should have been a no brainer. A voter for anyone else was a vote that helped Hillary to get elected. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. I did!!!

Really? You bought into the Islamist propaganda about the crusades? learn a little history, preferably from pre PC era texts. Only after the Mouse lame hordes rampaged through Christendom for centuries, converting huge populations at the point of the sword, did the Catholic church authorize their faithful to organize to fight back and free some of those lands and peoples from the ravages of Islam (submission)

How about being honest if you are going to attack someone for character? Erick has article after article supporting Trump on the good things he has done and discussing how good things can be accomplished by immoral people. It is available if you are willing to open your eyes and read. Erick has a consistent position that a man of low character is not fit to be the President. Other people have the opinion that character is irrelevant, as it is all about policy (Dennis Prager for one). Both are reasonable positions, even if Erick is right and Prager is wrong. What is not reasonable is where 80% of the country is at, where "my guy can be a moral reprobate but because of his policies, it is okay" and "your guy is fit for office because he's a moral reprobate". We see this all the time with people defending Trump that declared Clinton unfit and Democrats that declare Trump unfit that argued Clinton's business was his own.

Speaking of God; can you tell me where told us to support evil, whether greater or lesser?


Eric, you need to return to the Bible and study it much more. God uses people of all walks, societies, socio-economics and morals. Paul persecuted and killed Christians before he became Paul, the disciples were pretty much a rowdy bunch before they became disciples. The way you present your argument, I doubt you would have supported Jesus because of who he associated with - you know all those evil tax collectors, prostitutes, etc. Just maybe, maybe, God chose Trump to do what he is doing to save our country. Sure he is not perfect - far from it, just like all of us. The only difference is we do not have evil (the DNC) parading all of our faults in public hourly. You need to get over yourself and your high and mighty moralistic thoughts. You are not as goodie as you think you are. You act more like one of the pharisees and sadducees who prayed out loud and in public..

No such thing as 'far more evil.' God sees sin as sin. You said it yourself, before turning around and contradicting yourself. Evil is evil. Sin is sin. God doesnt give it a level. As for King David and the nonsensical need for people to compare Trump to him, King David was remorseful and begged God for forgiveness - something Trump has not displayed, EVER. Do you know what happened next? God forgave him [David], but his son with Bathsheba still died. There are consequences to sin, even for those who are close to God. Do you not think there will be consequences for a nation that rejected God's Word on good leadership and moral character?

You attack Trump on moral grounds. You can't vote Democrat on moral grounds. That leaves the Republican establishment. A group that caves in too often. Many of them Democrat light. Congress is supposed to be the center of legislation. They can't do a budget on time. This establishment is not conservative. Trump is not trying to spread his moral or immoral past. Under the Democrats the gay agenda and abortion is forced down our throats. Same sex marriage and the legalization of pot is now out of the bottle and can't be returned. Trump is not the perfect Christian, but he has tried to give us more religious freedom. Trump has nominated faith based people, while some Democrats are using the Christian as a block. Which affects the Christian more, the morals of one person, or the laws that are passed?

Good grief, that was almost a millennia ago. Christianity went through a reformation. Magared is talking about many Muslims today.

I would never vote for a Republican politician. I do not support a party which is determined to force every poor pregnant woman to bear a child against her will, even if too poor to support a child or a pregnancy would kill her or ruin her health and also has no intention of providing government support for poor children who have been born .

I would never support  party which is determined to deny rights to and even persecute innocent people who had never harmed anyone merely because they were gay - the Republicans .  And if you don't like same sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex . Who is forcing you to do this . I would never  vote for a party which is opposed to the government helping provide poor women with contraceptives - the very thing which can PREVENT so many abortions .  I would never support  party which screams endlessly about abortion yet which cares absolutely nothing about babies once out of the womb , and cares absolutely nothing about poor women who have given birth to children they cannot provide for .   I would never support  a party which  believes that a fertilized cell supposedly has "rights" but not one that grows up to be gay .  

It's time to reject binary choices.


Oh spare me the drama of your self-righteousness! Democrats and others, except deranged people, are not "okay" with killing kids any more than conservatives are "okay" with arming terrorists with automatic weapons so they can go into schools and kill the babies sitting in kindergarten and first grade.

King David also repented with a broken heart and wrote it down for us to see. No one knows Trump's heart. However he has publicly said that he hasn't ever needed forgiveness. I can't imagine a person who has received Christ's forgiveness saying such a thing. On top of that, we add of the other public, many admitted, moral failings of Trump. To my knowledge, Trump has never acknowledged that these are wrong, much less actually repented. Maybe he has. As I said, no one knows his heart. We are also told that we will know believers by their fruit, and Trump's tree doesn't have good fruit. The King David comparison is a terrible one because the attitude of the two men were completely different about their sin. David also had his son try to kill him and plunge the kingdom into civil war, his daughter was raped by her half-brother and his first child with Bathsheba died. David had a lot of earthly consequences from his sin.

Then why do they march in support of it, fund it and want to promote, not just allow it? All of the evidence says otherwise. Most of the GOP isn't a whole lot better, just less passionate about it. They all just funded it to the tune of $500 million, so there is plenty of blame to go around.

Paul was blinded, repented and then spent 3 years being taught by Christ through revelation. Then he wrote much of the New Testament, spreading the gospel far and wide and establishing and strengthening churches. The disciples spent 3 years being taught by Christ. They sinned, but they repented and then used the rest of their lives to death to spread the Gospel.

The problem with all of those comparisons is that Trump has never publicly displayed an ounce of true devotion to Christ, nor repented for anything. At that point, he is simply a pagan king that God might choose to use as a divine instrument.

Let me ask this question, since the default seems to be that Trump is President, therefore he was ordained by God to do God's will. So when Barack Obama was President he was also ordained by God to do God's will, or does that only work when we personally like the policies that are advocated.

God is sovereign. He does what He wills. Nothing happens that is not under His control. He also allows us to make mistakes and suffer the consequences of those mistakes. The Israelites rejected God's governing system of judges and priests. They demanded a king to be like the other nations. God allowed it. He also chose David as king, even though the very idea of a king was a rejection of His established system. He allowed Satan to torment Job, before restoring him.

Erick is holding a man, the leader of the free world and our President, to a standard he claims to follow. A standard that we are commanded to hold other professed believers to. Is God's plan for Trump's second term going to all of sudden not happen because Erick Erickson wouldn't support him? You can't argue that Trump is God's will and then say we are messing it up if we don't get in line.

God does use all people, some of them bad people. No where are we ever commanded to abandon God's standard to uphold, support or promote anyone. Ever. That does't mean that everyone that voted for Trump sinned. That is for each man or woman to square with their own conscience, not for me or anyone else to determine. What absolutely is a sin, is to abandon God's law to support, excuse or justify sin for any reason, including a political advantage.

Donald is most like Jeraboam the son of Nebat, what does scripture say about the like?

Binary is a logical falicy known as the false dilema. You end up choosing the lesser of two crap sanwiches.

Because they believe in free will or as you might call it, freedom. Or, same reason people march for gun rights, including military style weapons that kill babies - and allow that too. Or allow many of those newborns to suffer and languish in poverty without healthcare and grow up to be on welfare for which they are then blamed for been poor and scorned by those same people - cruel treatment by Christians to say the least. Or they grow up in foster care without ever feeling loved and then some have lots of babies they can't properly care for because they just want to be loved.
Some become criminals and land in jail or on death row where they are murdered by the state. It's not enough to just care about them in the womb.

Erickson should be canned

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