Because They're Okay With Killing Kids, Among Other Things

I won't support a party that wants to mainstream moral corruption anymore than I'll vote for the morally corrupt

Max Boot can't figure out why Republicans who claim to be upset by Donald Trump won't do what he sees as the only reasonable thing and vote Democrat.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. There are plenty of his policies I have been pleasantly surprised by. But I hold to the old fashioned view that character matters and find his character to be low. All that said, I do admit he has made great appointments and has advanced some good policies both in foreign relations and in domestic policy.

He still concerns me though and I too wish the GOP would be more forceful against him instead of less deferential. I still think Congress needs to use its checks and balances against him more and take the lead on legislating when he won't.

I could never vote for Democrats though. As much as I think the GOP has gone insane, I think the Democratic Party has embraced policies I find as morally repugnant as Trump's behavior. And his behavior is just on him. The Democrats not only want to advance morally repugnant policies, but not allow any of us to opt out of them.

It is easy for Max Boot to vote Democrat if you aren't a social conservative or Christian. But I think life matters and the Democrats' embrace of killing children, hiding euphemistically behind the term "abortion," is actually a moral evil. One of my concerns with President Trump is that I remain skeptical of his commitment to the culture of life. I'm sure not going to embrace a party that has handed itself over to a government subsidized death cult called Planned Parenthood.

Likewise, I think homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage is an affront to God. I'm not going to support a party that wants to shut down small businesses run by Christians who refuse to go along with the the left's view on human sexuality.

And then there's transgenderism. A transgender person is mentally ill and the left would prefer we treat the transgender person as normal instead of trying to get them help.

On all these issues, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by those who'd treat deviancy as normal and normalcy as deviant. I think these moral issues directly relate to a collapse of our culture. So while I have no affection for a President who is a moral cretin, I'm certainly not going to cast my lot with a party that celebrations moral abominations and thinks the government should subsidize them.

Trump may be an authoritarian, but the Democrats are the ones trying to force nuns to pay for killing kids and force small businesses out of business for not wanting to support same-sex weddings.

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Because they believe in free will or as you might call it, freedom. Or, same reason people march for gun rights, including military style weapons that kill babies - and allow that too. Or allow many of those newborns to suffer and languish in poverty without healthcare and grow up to be on welfare for which they are then blamed for been poor and scorned by those same people - cruel treatment by Christians to say the least. Or they grow up in foster care without ever feeling loved and then some have lots of babies they can't properly care for because they just want to be loved.
Some become criminals and land in jail or on death row where they are murdered by the state. It's not enough to just care about them in the womb.


Binary is a logical falicy known as the false dilema. You end up choosing the lesser of two crap sanwiches.