Another Reminder the Republicans Are the Stupid Party

The GOP is giving Planned Parenthood money, freeing up the organization's other capital to beat the GOP.

Planned Parenthood is going to spend $30 million on defeating Republicans in November. Money, of course, is fungible and every dollar the GOP has given Planned Parenthood is a dollar used to free up Planned Parenthood's other resources to both fund abortions and defeat Republicans.

Essentially, the GOP is using your tax dollars to defeat themselves. Couldn't happen to a stupider party.

At this point, they get what they deserve.

This is why the Trump Chumps are so delusional when they boast about how "conservative" Trump has been when in actuality it's only the attacks by the Dems forcing him to the right that have made his actions anything but the liberal Democrat he is.

The Stupid Party's ONLY selling point is that unlike the Dems, they don't seek to impeach Trump, raise taxes or grab the guns. Otherwise, they have no positives to offer. They've blown up the budget; they won't repeal ObamaCare; they're terrified of being called names by the press and they hate their base too much to serve them even if it's to save themselves.

It's all gonna burn.


Hmm. Hate the base too much to serve them? What does that look like for the white, working-class base? They need govt. help, jobs and healthcare.

Isn’t it John McCain who resisted defunding planned parenthood? When is going to resign and let that seat be used for the best for the people of Arizona? He should do the right thing like Thad Cochran and resign due to poor health. He is not acting like a great patriot, just a self indulgent hack politician. Time to give it up John.


Government policies suppress wages and drive jobs overseas. Healthcare isn't a legitimate function of government. Even then, many working class people are the ones getting the shaft on all of the healthcare cost increases from Obamacare, I mean GOPcare. The poor get theirs paid for. The upper middle class and wealthy can afford the insurance. It is the people in the middle of those two ends that are getting squeezed. If the government would get out of the way, their lives and the lives of everyone else would be much better.

Or, like the rest of his political career. John McCain has always been that way.

I disagree that the GOP is the stupid party. I find it impossible that we can all see this and they can't. That leads to a different conclusion. They keep funding Planned Parenthood, not because they are stupid, but because they want to. There is no way that the Democrats could have won a shut down battle over not including funding for Planned Parenthood in the budget. They may have tried, but they would lose that battle. Americans don't support tax payer money for PP, even many that support abortion. The GOP Congress simply refused to fight that. Trump refused to fight that (he has the ability to veto). That tells me that they don't want to. Their donor base doesn't want to disturb the flow from the government teat that they suckle from, so the GOP complies with their masters and keeps the milk flowing. They don't defund PP because they don't want to, contrary to the lies they tell you during campaign season.


The state of Ohio tried to defund Planned Parenthood and the courts stopped them. So, what are we supposed to do?

Ask the court, "You and what army?"

The courts have got to be brought back into their constitutional role. The only way to do that is to have their rulings ignored. I hate that it's come to that, but we passed this point a long time ago.

The courts lording over the other branches is unconstitutional. They all take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, not court orders when those orders directly defy it.


etbass has made too many cogent points today to choose only one for affirmation. "Better Bass Than a Buttload of Cats".

You are 100% about the former Republican party. Trump is and always has been a liberal Democrat. Anyone who didn't understand that before he was nominated and then elected to president was either stupid, delusional or didn't care.

Why does Planned Parenthood require government funding? What is the justification?

PP doesn't get a direct govt subsidy as is implied, rather many patients are poor and on Medicaid. Thus Medicaid pays all their bills. Plus, PP does way more than abortions. Most PP clinics don't even offer abortions. The funding issue is over the fact that Medicaid pays for all the healthcare patients receive, regardless of the source.

The party is not stupid, we just have too many stupid members. It was only two or three Republican senators that demanded funding of Planned Parenthood. McConnell refused to let Trump try and cut the spending. For some stopping Trump is more important then the party. The RINOs are not true Republicans but are not far left Democrats. Republican leadership ignored the 2010 and 2014 elections. Republican leadership is bad, but the Democrat leadership and agenda is worse.

Might I suggest!

This because the GOP know Conservatives berate Liberals for allowing abortions as part of identity politics, but don't actually give a s**t in reality. Same goes for "family values".

Actual conservatives do. The ones that pay lip service to conservatism and the GOP in general do not care. Same for family values.


No, this is on Trump too. He has a pen and he could veto any bill that didn't give him what he wanted. Not only would it be good politics, it would be the right thing. Instead Trump signed it. He signed it for the same reason the GOP passed it. None of them give one rip about cutting spending. As long as the whole thing doesn't blow up in their career, they don't care. Screw the future generations.

It may be that they are that stupid, but I'd call it more of a mixed bag in the ideology of the right, which is infiltrated with leftist crap, and a bunch of those still willing to reach across the aisle to make the deal that stabs in our backs. I believe it to be not stupidity, but ideological impurity. either way, though, it hurts those of us on the right.

One does have to question the intelligence of the GOP. I read where they have a website named: Lying Comey. Who lies every time he sends out a Twitter comment or speaks before the cameras? Trump, of course! The GOP is the "party of stupid."

How is it even legal for a non-profit taking tax payer money to donate to political campaigns?