Another Reminder the Republicans Are the Stupid Party

The GOP is giving Planned Parenthood money, freeing up the organization's other capital to beat the GOP.

Planned Parenthood is going to spend $30 million on defeating Republicans in November. Money, of course, is fungible and every dollar the GOP has given Planned Parenthood is a dollar used to free up Planned Parenthood's other resources to both fund abortions and defeat Republicans.

Essentially, the GOP is using your tax dollars to defeat themselves. Couldn't happen to a stupider party.

At this point, they get what they deserve.

Actual conservatives do. The ones that pay lip service to conservatism and the GOP in general do not care. Same for family values.


No, this is on Trump too. He has a pen and he could veto any bill that didn't give him what he wanted. Not only would it be good politics, it would be the right thing. Instead Trump signed it. He signed it for the same reason the GOP passed it. None of them give one rip about cutting spending. As long as the whole thing doesn't blow up in their career, they don't care. Screw the future generations.

It may be that they are that stupid, but I'd call it more of a mixed bag in the ideology of the right, which is infiltrated with leftist crap, and a bunch of those still willing to reach across the aisle to make the deal that stabs in our backs. I believe it to be not stupidity, but ideological impurity. either way, though, it hurts those of us on the right.

One does have to question the intelligence of the GOP. I read where they have a website named: Lying Comey. Who lies every time he sends out a Twitter comment or speaks before the cameras? Trump, of course! The GOP is the "party of stupid."

How is it even legal for a non-profit taking tax payer money to donate to political campaigns?