Another Insane Leftist Tries to Gun People Down

Leftwing shooters are inconvenient for the media. They disrupt the prevailing media narrative about violent Trump fans.

The media quickly moved on from James Hodgekinson, who attempted a mass assassination of members of Congress. The media spent weeks after the Gabby Giffords shooting blaming rhetoric, Republicans, and Sarah Palin long after it was clear the shooter was not motivated by politics.

Hodgekinson, who was a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center, specifically targeted Republican congressmen to kill them after being fueled by leftwing rhetoric. The media was done with the story in less than a week despite a Republican leader gunned down and in critical condition in the hospital.

The story was not convenient to a media that had allowed a cavalcade of Democrats to go on TV to claim the GOP wanted people to die.

Now we have another guy who showed up at a Trump property and fired his gun.

The man who opened fire at the Trump National Doral Golf Club early Friday had been yelling "anti-Trump ... rhetoric" there, Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez said.

The suspect is a 42-year-old resident of Doral, Florida, and is in stable condition after police shot him in an exchange of gunfire, Perez said. A Doral police officer suffered broken bones but was not shot, Perez said.

The gunman took a flag from a pole in the rear of the complex, brought it into the hotel lobby, draped it over a counter, yelled rhetoric against President Donald Trump and fired a gun into the air -- at the roof and chandeliers, Perez said.

Give it the weekend and this will mostly disappear.

Dude hated Kaepernick and was from S. Africa - are we absolutely sure he's a "leftist"? Plenty of conservatives hate Trump and I've never known a leftist who disagreed with Kaepernick. And maybe this is anecdotal, but the few S. Africans I know left when apartheid fell and while they didn't come right out and say that was why, it was fairly obvious, if you know what I mean.


Just because you think Trump is an idiot, doesn't make you left wing. I read that from some guy named Erik something or other.


Because we never have had a conservative crack pot do something like this...

wait wasn't there a guy sentenced to 4 years in prison last year for shooting up a pizza joint because he believed in the pizzagate conspiracy?

It's almost like crazy people come from all walks of life and political leanings.


This guy was South African. And if more conservatives ACTUALLY cared about illegal immigration, they would care that we in Texas have a huge population of illegal south Africans here. But they don't because the S. Africans are white. Gotta tell you , I would rather have the Mexicans. The Mexicans are not near as rowdy and crazy as the south africans. Think about that for a while.


Erick, kudos to you for your principled and balanced stance, and for demonstrating that at least some conservatives care more about personal integrity than simply having their side win at any cost.