An Intriguing Alternative in the Tennessee Governor's Race

A new candidate for Governor of Tennessee could shake up that race for the GOP in a good way.

I had been telling people to vote for Dianne Black in the Tennessee Governor's race. Despite having overseen the House GOP budget plan that funded Planned Parenthood, among other things, she is still way better than Randy Boyd, who is a La Raza (!!!) donor, but running as a Republican candidate.

I had not heard of Bill Lee, who could shake the race up. Both Black and Boyd have been spending a ton of money on TV and have struggled to get above 30%. Lee stands out as the one non-politician in the race. He lost his wife and raised his kids as a single dad while struggling to maintain his business. It's a very compelling story that could set him apart. Dare I compare him to Matt Bevin, who also had a compelling life story as a non-politician, which set him apart from the crowd in Kentucky. He's willing to commit financially to the race and has put a good team around him.

Watch the video and let me know what you think in the comments.

No. 1-2

So how does the 3-way split impact things?

Another replay of the presidential circus, wherein conservatives split our votes & the worst possible candidate wins by a plurality?


I don't live in Tennessee. But if I did this is who I would vote for. He sounds like a principled man who deeply cares about his family, his faith and his state and his country. We need more people like Bill Lee leading our cities, our states and our country.