Allowing the Dreamers to stay in the USA is wrong in 3 ways (at least):
A. ILLEGALITY -- We're supposed to be nation of laws. The Dreamers got here illegally under an illegal President. Keeping them is wrong. In point of fact, many Dreamers are now over 30. They're no longer helpless little kids.
B. INEQUALITY – It's unfair if the Dreamers stay: (1) unfair to future "Dreamers" if THEY then can't get into the USA, (2) unfair to legal immigrants now here who worked and paid and waited their turn to get into the USA; (3) unfair to other Americans whose jobs the Dreamers will take, and (4) unfair to ALL OF US by taking our tax money (e.g., for education, health care, welfare, crime).
C. IDIOCY – Keeping the Dreamers will hurt conservatism. Amnesty will lead to DEMOCRAT DYNASTY of the USA.